What is a Scleral buckle?

Scleral buckling is a treatment for retinal detatchment.

What does scleral buckling involve?

Step 1: Your in-depth consultation

Following a detailed assessment, your Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon will discuss the best course of treatment for you. The consultant will be the same person who carries out your procedure and your checks at follow-up appointments.

Step 2: The scleral buckling procedure

Scleral buckling is used to treat retinal detachment. It is a method of closing breaks and flattening the retina.

The procedure involves stitching tiny silicone bands or sponge material to the tough outer wall of the eye (sclera) in the area corresponding to the location of the detachment. This element pushes the sclera towards the middle of the eye and relieves the pull (traction) of the vitreous gel on the retina. This prevents liquid from moving behind the break and increasing it. The retinal tear/detachment is then able to settle against the wall of the eye. The easiest way to imagine what is happening is that the buckle pushes the eye wall back towards the detached retina.

A vitrectomy may also be necessary after scleral buckling and gas may be injected into the eye to keep the retina in the correct position. Laser or freezing procedures may then be used to create a scarring effect, sealing off the break and holding the layers of the eye together.

Step 3: Rest and recovery

Afterwards, you will be taken to our recovery suite to rest before returning home.

Step 4: Your aftercare

Following your sceral buckling procedure, your consultant will see you for a follow-up appointment to check on your progress, assess the results and answer any questions you may have. You will be provided with an emergency contact number so that if you do experience any unexpected symptoms, you can contact us.

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