Vision of Britain 2021

Get your free copy of Vision of Britain here – a report bursting with tips and advice to help you protect your eye health.

We are delighted to now release the fifth in our series of eye health reports in recent years. This latest Vision of Britain report reviews the state of the nation’s eye health and it reveals one of the lesser-known victims of the global pandemic – our vision.

Did you know that only eight per cent of UK adults say they have perfect vision?

And nearly half (44 per cent) of adults say they are currently concerned about their eyesight.

The new research with over 2,000 UK adults shows that lockdown not only created a new dependence on screen technology which affected our vision; but also led to postponed eye procedures and missed eye tests.

This trio of factors means that 18 per cent of UK adults now describe their poor vision as ‘a disability’.

So, it is time to turn this around!

To help you improve your eyesight and protect it, this report is jam-packed with:\

  • helpful tips on maintaining good eye health
  • advice on eye treatments dependent on age
  • overview of red flags or symptoms not to be ignored
  • as well as reflecting latest trends in UK eye health.

Pick up your copy today:

Vision of Britain 2020

To read the Optegra Vision of Britain 2020 report, please download it from the link below.