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  • Why are eyesight problems on the increase? 
  • How do different age groups and UK regions care for and think about their eyesight?
  • What role do GPs and opticians play in educating patients and treating eyesight?

Optegra Eye Health Care commissioned the Vision of Britain report to review the state of the nation’s eye health and answer these important questions. Interviews were conducted online with 2,016 adults aged 16 or over throughout the UK, 50  GPs and more than 50 opticians, with the aim of highlighting ways of improving our vision.

There are two copies of the Vision of Britain report - one for consumers and one for healthcare professionals. You can request the relevant version for you using the form below.

Welcome to the Vision of Britain

 Dr Sarah Jarvis
 General Practitioner and Medical Broadcaster

 As a doctor, I am only too well aware of the need for regular eye checks – if nothing else,  I  plan to make quite certain I don’t become a casualty of glaucoma. This condition causes  raised pressure inside the eyeball, and untreated can lead to sight-threatening damage to  your eyesight. But without regular eye checks, you might not know you have it until it’s  too  late.

More than three in five opticians said the nation has a serious lack of knowledge around eye health, while 25 per cent said their patients generally delay coming to see them with eye problems.

We only have one pair of eyes, and as this fascinating survey shows, we worry dreadfully about losing our eyesight. Our eyes are precious, but good eye care can help prevent sight-threatening problems, or pick them up at an early stage when complications can be prevented by treatment.

We should learn from the findings of this important report - scroll down to request your free copy today.
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