Brian - Facilities Manager

It is a positive culture to work in. Making a profit is important to any business, but we are also very employee and patient orientated.

Location: Optegra Yorkshire Eye Hospital

Brian Optegra1. What key tasks and responsibilities does your job involve?
I am responsible for the maintenance of the building and its grounds at Yorkshire and also at Leeds. I am the first port of call for IT as well, and their on-site support so I am a super-user in some of the systems. I oversee planned maintenance but things can often change depending what happens – nothing is set in stone. I am also the site Health & Safety representative.

2. What do you enjoy most about your job?
Every day is different to the day before – the variety. I often have to re-prioritise which is important as it is never mundane. I came to this role for an element of the unknown and it can be challenging and testing. I enjoy visiting other sites and supporting them. I also enjoy working with the people here – the Senior Management Team respect my opinion and they are all approachable.

3. What do you enjoy about working for Optegra in general?
The people, everyone is fair and approachable – it is like a big family environment. The salary and benefits are good and I get to set my own personal development plan and receive encouragement to develop my potential to the limit.

4. How would you describe the working culture at Optegra?
It is a positive culture to work in. Making a profit is important to any business, but we are also very employee and patient orientated. I think Optegra thinks highly of its employees and recognises that they are a major part of the business with a contribution to make.

5. What, if anything, positively differentiates Optegra as an employer from other places you have worked previously?
The management team are approachable and there is less “red tape” – there is flexibility and a lot of trust and autonomy. We look after our patients and focus on them as our customers.

6. What has surprised you most about Optegra since you joined?
Optegra is willing to invest in people and premises. When they came to Yorkshire it was totally refurbished – we are keen on building a business up. Yorkshire was developed and improved to build a better hospital.

7. How would you describe your team and colleagues where you work?
I get on well with my team and we all respect each other. It is the same with the clinical and admin teams. People are conscientious – everybody wants to do the best they can in their role. They take ownership for things, and often try to help themselves before calling me!

8. What are you most proud of about what you do at Optegra?
I have been able to build a reputation whereby my opinion is valued and I am asked for my views and input. I am proud of working for Optegra.

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