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Life at Optegra

Since we opened the doors to our first Hospital in 2008, we have successfully treated over 1 million patients, delivering over 25,000 sight saving procedures per year and we are incredibly proud to be the UK’s top rated eye hospital.

But this is just our beginning.

We are passionate about what we do and driven to change the lives of even more patients.  We are a growing business and we’re ambitious about achieving more – always with our people and our patients at the heart of everything we do.

What We Do

We help improve the lives of our patients by providing vision correction and treatments for medical eye conditions across our seven Hospitals.

As well as elective and private treatments, we are proud to support the NHS in treating patients on their behalf.


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How We Do It

Our Values are the golden thread that runs through everything we do. They shape what we do and how we do it, what we look for in our people and what life feels like at Optegra.

  • We are focused. Achieving the best outcomes for our patients & customers is at the heart of everything we do. We place our energy on what drives success. We want to be the best at what we do, exceed every expectation and aim high.
  • We are safe. Patient safety is our top priority. Always. It shapes the way we work, and the decisions that we make.
  • We move fast. We move quickly with a positive, can do attitude so that we can achieve more, better. We’re self starters and problem solvers. We don’t pass it on, we own it. We keep things simple.
  • We are brave. We are bold and feel empowered to find new ways to improve. We are always asking how we can do things better?

Staff Stories – Fiona McVey, Registered Nurse

I was looking for something completely different from my previous jobs in A&E, general medical and surgery.  Coming from such a chaotic environment I wondered whether I would be challenged in my work.  I needn’t have worried!  Optegra has been a great learning experience for me.

One of the best things about Optegra is the staff and its management.  Wherever I’ve worked, it has always been important to work as a team – whether you are a healthcare assistant or a consultant, you should be treated with the same respect and appreciation.

I was so happy to find that this is exactly what it’s like at Optegra – and more, with our hard work noticed and rewarded.

What’s great about working with a smaller team is the very close working relationship, with colleagues and managers.  Our management team actively listen and make changes based on what we say.  It makes a big difference.  What also makes a difference is that we don’t work nights or Sundays and only some Saturdays, which is a HUGE benefit – I cannot tell you how much I used to dread nights and used to work most weekends!

Staff Stories – Elena Tsoneva, Talent Acquisition Manger

Here at Optegra we are strong believers in continued professional development and long-term commitment. The business is great in recognising and promoting internal talent. When recruiting and selecting new candidates, we put quality before quantity.

We look for a ‘can-do’ attitude and talent that can deliver real results on time, quickly and efficiently. We compliment this by providing a very robust training and induction program which sets the right candidate for success from the start.

I am currently in a managerial position and still looking for new ways to learn, improve and excel. Luckily, I found an employer that equally believes and supports continues training and professional development.