Diane - Healthcare Technician

I am proud of where I work – our patients say every day how lovely the people, the consultants and the environment is. It is the whole package.

Location: Optegra Yorkshire Eye Hospital

Diane Healthcare Technician1. What key tasks and responsibilities does your job involve?
I was originally a Healthcare Technician, but I also work at Leeds and work as a Patient Services Advisor/Reception and Laser Technician too. I work as a Healthcare Technician for 3 days a week carrying out diagnostic tests, working in both theatre and day-care.

2. What do you enjoy most about your job?
The opportunity I have been given to multi-skill, there has been more opportunity since I worked for Optegra. I expressed an interest in the administration side as well as clinical and was able to do that. A lot of the people I work with can multi-skill and will step in for one another. Every patient makes it different. We carry out the same types of task but it is never quite the same – there is variety.

3. What do you enjoy about working for Optegra in general?
I had always moved on previously, but I am happy here for the foreseeable future. I enjoy the environment and people I work with, I have visited other sites and they have helped when I have approached them for support. It has opened up an opportunity for me to do various roles and I don’t feel “boxed in.” There are opportunities if you want them and are prepared to go for them.

4. How would you describe the working culture at Optegra?
We work well together and always try to help each other. The people here are friendly, fun and professional. It feels like a big family unit, I feel as though I belong here and it is the people who make you feel like that – I feel supported on a personal level. There are some really lovely people here.

5. What, if anything, positively differentiates Optegra as an employer from other places you have worked previously?
The environment, the fact that opportunities are usually there if you want them. Optegra opening other hospitals has opened our world up, we have grown and become bigger. We are making very respectable progression.

6. What has surprised you most about Optegra since you joined?
I feel at Yorkshire we have improved over the last few years particularly – I would encourage my friends to come to Optegra either as a patient or as an employee.

7. How would you describe your team and colleagues where you work?
I love all the people I work with. Some I have more in common with than others, but I consider them all friends. There is a real bond and we all help each other on a work and personal level and we are working towards the same goals. We work together effectively and to our strengths to help things run smoothly, and we have a laugh and a joke along the way too where appropriate.

8. What are you most proud of about what you do at Optegra?
Personally, all the skills I have managed to acquire here. And having the opportunity, support and time to do it. As a company I am proud to work here, seeing the clinical outcomes. We’re also getting busier which means we are doing a good job and must be doing things right. I am more than happy for my friends and family to come here (my dad has already been and was impressed!). I am proud of where I work – our patients say every day how lovely the people, the consultants and the environment is. It is the whole package.

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