Katie - Healthcare Technician

We are a very strong and flexible team and try to cover each other. It is a good environment to learn in and train in different areas – very diverse.

Location: Optegra Surrey Eye Hospital

Katie Healthcare Technician1. What key tasks and responsibilities does your job involve?
I assist in running diagnostics with the Optometrists and Surgeons and I see all patients when they come in – there are up to ten different types of scan we can do. I prep and discharge patients and sometimes assist in the theatre as a runner.

2. What do you enjoy most about your job?
Seeing patients throughout their whole journey means that patients become familiar with the staff they see. I get to understand why some people are good candidates for a particular treatment, and why they choose to go ahead.

3. What do you enjoy about working for Optegra in general?
In my past roles I only worked with Laser. Optegra started out as a new Ophthalmic company and I have been here to see it progress from one hospital to six in the UK and now also into Europe. It is a growing company and there is an opportunity to look at new treatments and bring them to the UK.  The consultants who work with us are willing to teach you new things which is great as it helps them be the best they can be too. I am also able and encouraged to work in other hospitals when the need arises.

4. How would you describe the working culture at Optegra?
We are a very strong and flexible team and try to cover each other. It is a good environment to learn in and train in different areas – very diverse. It is a fast-paced environment. The culture from the “top down” is one of “Gold-standard” care and it is important to us not to lose these standards of care for our patients.

5. What, if anything, positively differentiates Optegra as an employer from other places you have worked previously?
The equipment. The feeling of the building – it is more like a spa (!) and less clinical. Some of the benefits are good such as the pension plan and appraisal scheme. Also if we work a long day there is the flexibility to get that time back.

6. What has surprised you most about Optegra since you joined?
As a long-standing employee, seeing the changes in the business as it grows. It is still a positive experience for patients whichever hospital they come to.

7. How would you describe your team and colleagues where you work?
I think we all enjoy working for Optegra – we all know our stuff and do a good job and I have seen that is the same across other sites too. I enjoy coming to work.

8. What are you most proud of about what you do at Optegra?
The level of knowledge I have gained whilst being here. Patients ask Healthcare Technicians things as we have a lot of knowledge and some have thought I am a Nurse. Since coming here I have realised how much I have learned here that I didn’t know. It is not a “stationary” role – I am always learning.

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