Core values

Passion & commitment

We are passionate about making a positive difference

  • We make a positive difference from beginning to end, as every part of patient care matters
  • We create strong professional relationships to strengthen our expertise
  • We are passionate about delivering excellence

We will:

  • Put the group’s interests before personal interests in business decisions
  • Show commitment by finishing tasks
  • Support our patient’s ambitions
  • Work together to find the best solutions for our patients
  • Recognise colleagues efforts by giving praise
  • Share what we do by talking to our colleagues in other locations / functions and learn about their challenges
  • Show commitment by offering and seeking help to achieve ‘team’ goals
  • Respond positively when challenged
  • Have our say, but support decisions once they are made
Integrity & trust

We are open, honest and treat everyone with respect

  • We are honest about the facts so our patients can make informed decisions
  • We always act as the patient’s advocate and think responsibly of the patient and their lifestyle in the advice, treatment and care we provide

We will:

  • Deliver on our commitments
  • Deal with patients, colleagues and suppliers in an open, straightforward and respectful way
  • Take responsibility for our actions
  • Actively recognise the achievements of others
  • Provide transparency internally and externally
  • Involve others and share appropriate information in a timely manner
  • Respect confidences
  • Speak up when we don’t agree and give support when we do
  • Raise concerns appropriately if we have them
  • Make time to listen to individuals’ views and perspectives
  • Deal with difficult issues and challenges without delay
  • Tell our colleagues when they are not “living the values” and explain why/how
Professionalism & expertise

We engage only the most talented people to provide excellent service and results

  • We commit to develop our people to go above and beyond
  • We strive to learn more and embrace new proven research and development in eye care innovations and leading technology in delivering eye health care solutions

We will:

  • Demonstrate passion and excitement about our business
  • Actively volunteer to participate in projects or initiatives
  • Find ways to tell others about what we do
  • Question procedures to implement improvements
  • Proactively share information and knowledge to benefit the entire group
  • Offer and actively seek developmental feedback
  • Actively identify our personal development needs
  • Set demanding targets for ourselves and others
  • Be aware and keep abreast of new external developments
  • Acknowledge and reward excellence
Personal Connection & Care

We make every individual feel special

  • Respecting the uniqueness and diversity of every individual we work with to deepen the relationship with one another
  • We work together as a supportive team, embracing the uniqueness of each other
  • We care about our patients and are available to them throughout their journey

We will:

  • Always take into account how our actions may affect our patients and the reputation of the Optegra group
  • Praise our colleagues when they do well and celebrate success
  • Consider our actions to ensure our safety and the safety of others
  • Listen to ensure that we fully understand the needs of our patients
  • Talk with knowledge and pride about how our products/ procedures enable individuals to live a fuller life
  • Welcome new people into the group and take the time to help them settle in quickly
  • Support and encourage colleagues who make personal contributions to our local communities
  • Respect our colleagues’ right to a work-life balance

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