Working for us

As well as working in a bright, clean and modern environment, you’ll enjoy the opportunity to contribute to a successful and growing organisation. We believe all our employees play an integral part in our success and have ideas to contribute. That’s why we ask our people what they think, listen to suggestions and encourage constructive feedback – this is one of the ways we continue to learn and innovate.

At Optegra, we believe in a self-directed and work-related approach to your career management and development. We will work with you to identify and develop your individual talent and potential through practical day-to-day application in your role. We also advertise all our job opportunities internally to ensure those wishing to progress have an opportunity to apply.

We embrace a Talent Management model which enables us to identify and support those with the potential to progress within the company, as well as continue to support and motivate those who come to work and do a fantastic job every day within their current role.

We all live and breathe by our 4 core values.