Julie Bradshaw

A Safe Pair Of Hands

I recently had lens replacement at Optegra in Leeds and 3 months after surgery my expectations on all areas of vision have been far exceeded. I now have near perfect vision, considering my background, this is an amazing place to be. Initially I was nervous (as anyone would be ) about eye surgery but after meeting Mr Ball who patiently explained what was involved, compromises and to satisfy my husband who was accompanying me , ALL the technical information. During the eye operation itself I felt I was in a safe pair of hands . The follow up support and medication helped make sure that there was very little discomfort. There was a bedding in time including recovery, as in any other surgery , as well as settling in of the lenses . I would not hesitate to recommend this procedure to anyone wanting to improve vision. In fact, my usually very sceptical husband has now booked himself in for lens replacement surgery after my positive experience. Many thanks to the whole team , especially Mr Ball.

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