Sandy Manceau-Ward

Refreshingly honest!

After being informed by my optician that I would require eye surgery in the future to remove cataracts I arranged an appointment for an eye examination and consultation at Colindale Hospital regarding lens replacement. I received an extremely thorough eye examination and at its conclusion was seen by the consultant. I was informed that I did not need the operation as the likelihood that I had cataracts was negligible and that if I went through with lens replacement to improve my reading vision then this could negatively impact upon my long vision, which is currently extremely good. I was advised to stick to my reading glasses unless there were any other issues that arose causing a need for the surgery. This service and consultation was free and I was very impressed by the honesty of the consultant who was obviously providing me with genuine advice and not outwardly promoting what could have been an expensive procedure. What a relief! I had dreaded the thought of having an eye operation and now know that I don't need one! Thank you to all the Optegra team for your professionalism.....and reassurance! I shall highly recommend!

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