What is the treatment for glaucoma?

Every patient is unique, so we offer a detailed consultation with one of our Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeons to determine suitability, answer all your questions and explain the treatment options.

Treatment for POAG is normally with drops but may require laser or surgical procedures. PACG may require laser treatment, surgery and/or medical treatment. Laser treatment would be with peripheral iridotomies (small holes in the iris) in the first instance.

Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty (SLT): uses a cool laser to promote drainage. It can be used when the glaucoma is first diagnosed instead of drops, or to compliment drop therapy. Read more

MLT Micropulsed Diode Laser Trabeculoplasty. The same risk, effectiveness and repeatability profile as SLT but uses a different laser wavelength. MLT uses a laser which switches on and off many times per “shot” and hence proclaims to cause less inflammation and improve safety. The benefit is yet to be research proven but results are very similar to SLT.  This treatment is available at Optegra Eye Hospital Surrey.

iStent: a microsurgical procedure where a micro trabecular bypass implant helps to drain fluid from the eye and therefore reduces eye pressure. It can be used in combination with cataract surgery. Read more

Trabeculectomy: an operation to lower the pressure in the eye by creating a new drainage channel in the eye, through which fluid drains out into a space under the outer layer of the eye (conjunctiva). This filtering area is called a bleb. Read more

Monitoring service: a twelve month monitoring service to identify and capture any potential glaucoma problems is available at Optegra Eye Hospital North London, Optegra Eye Hospital Manchester and Optegra Eye Hospital Hampshire. Read more

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