Optegra surgeon voted 'Best for Eyes' by Tatler Magazine

At Optegra, we pride ourselves in the highest quality care standards and the exceptional abilities of all of our staff and ophthalmic surgeons. And we maintain this pioneering success through the employment of the most talented professionals in the industry. So it is with great pride that for a second year, we can confirm that our wonderfully skilled oculoplastic surgeon, Ric Caesar, has been voted as Tatler Magazine’s ‘Best for Eyes’ - in their coveted 2016 Beauty and Cosmetic Guide.
The highly regarded British fashion and lifestyle magazine, Tatler, is renowned for recognising the nation’s top talents within a variety of fields and by offering their name to recommendations, they offer authoritative value to beauty and cosmetic reviews.
Ric trained in medicine at Cambridge University, before continuing his studies at Charing Cross and Westminster Medical School. In 1992, having qualified, Ric began his specialist study in Oxford, concentrating in oculoplastic and lacrimal surgery. Having enjoyed an incredibly successful career to date, Ric is also credited as a founding member of the British Oculoplastic Surgeons Society.

Oculoplastic surgery covers a host of procedures, though some of the most popular and common procedures that Ric conducts include: eyelid surgery (upper lid blepharoplasty and upper and lower lid blepharoplasty), botox and fillers. These treatments can offer patients a rejuvenated, youthful appearance whilst treating a multitude of medical conditions.
Oculoplastic surgery is vital to the continued success of eye health treatments and offers patients a wealth of possibilities with sight improvement, eye reconstruction and the repair of injuries to surrounding areas of the eye. These revolutionary treatments allow patients to benefit from clearer sight and their preferred look - making this type of surgery one of the most crucial to eye health patients throughout the county.
Ric is one of the world’s most experienced and trusted oculoplastic surgeons and a founder of Optegra’s flagship London hospital. He takes sincere care in the service that his patients receive and prides himself on approachable and engaging interactions. And by ensuring that each patient understands their condition and surgery plan, Ric appeases any concerns and encourages full confidence in procedures and his capabilities.
Ric is trusted by his patients and the wider industry for his ability to complete surgery that ensures patients look and feel natural, confident and healthy. Ric recognises that cosmetic surgery for the eye may be as effective for the overall wellbeing for some patients as a medical need is for others.
For all of his clients, however, Ric guarantees an honest, realistic and understated result through his ability to complete his surgical genius with a confident and assertive hand. Furthermore, Ric provides patients with a host of non-surgical treatments, allowing them to achieve their desired result with minimal invasiveness. As Tatler highlights:
“That is the point of good cosmetic work: not to make someone look radically different, but to make us look the way we feel we ought to look.”
We proudly confirm that Ric has extensive experience, success and talent in achieving just that; whether patients are seeking aesthetic treatments or medically required treatments, Ric offers a bespoke and straightforward consultation, where questions are answered and thorough information is provided.
Ric will soon be hosting open evenings at the Optegra London hospital, in Harley Street. This is a prime opportunity for you to discover why we are the UK’s number one trusted eye specialist and why Ric is globally recognised as one of the leading and most talented practitioners in this field.
The open evenings will enable you to review the state-of-the-art, modern eye hospital in central London and discuss potential eye treatments and other surgical procedures.
We are incredibly proud of Ric and his ability to excel in all of his undertakings. We’d like to offer Ric our sincere congratulations on a second year of recognition by Tatler Magazine, on behalf of everyone at Optegra.

You can contact us on 0808 2812745 to find out more.

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