Achieving Safe Driving After Cataract Surgery

11 November 2020

For Bob Parkinson, 78, from Swanmore, his vision had worsened over the last couple of years and when lockdown occurred it caused him have concerns particularly about his driving.

When it became clear that it may be many months until he could secure NHS treatment, he decided to look into other options.

He met with ophthalmic surgeon, Mr. Andrew Turnbull, of Optegra Eye Hospital Hampshire and secured treatment within just 10 days.

Optegra is a specialist eye hospital group and is working closely with the NHS to provide cataract treatment, as well as offering private vision correction options.

Mr. Parkinson, who has retired from his work with local government, explains: “I was told at Southampton Eye Clinic in February that I needed both of my eyes treated for cataract.  I have regular checks as I have glaucoma in my left eye, and it was at my last check-up that I was told my cataracts have got really bad.

“I had my pre-assessment appointment planned with the NHS for June but then of course it was cancelled due to lockdown and the priority for Covid patients.

“I was particularly concerned as I have to re-apply for my driving license early next year and with my vision as it was, I worried I would not pass the required visual test.

“It seemed that the NHS would not get around to the treatment for some time. And while I could drive okay, my vision was definitely not as good as it used to be, it was a bit misty and I just could not focus as well as normal.

“I noticed it around the house also, if there was writing on the television screen I would struggle to read that. But driving was certainly my main concern.”

So Mr. Parkinson made an appointment with Optegra Hampshire, which is based in Whiteley, and his experience there was much quicker.

He enquired on a Thursday, got an appointment to see his consultant on the following Tuesday, and had both eyes treated on the same day one week later.

He says: “My vision now is tremendously different, so much better and I am far more confident with driving.  When we are allowed to return I look forward to seeing films clearly at the cinema and to see the whole pitch clearly when I can go back to watch live football”

Mr. Parkinson met with his consultant ophthalmic surgeon, Mr. Andrew Turnbull, from the outset.

Mr. Turnbull explains: “We have noticed a dramatic increase in enquiries regarding cataract procedures, as of course so many patients who were already on waiting lists have now been put on hold even longer.

“Optegra is offering both NHS and private cataract surgery, to assist with this backlog and make a huge difference to peoples’ lives.

“We have also taken a number of steps to ensure that our hospitals are Covid-safe. So, from reduced patients present in the hospitals at any one time, to the opportunity for virtual consultations, to full PPE and spacious waiting areas, and the feedback is that patients feel really safe when they visit us.

“I am delighted that Mr. Parkinson’s vision is restored – he now has even better than 20:20 vision, despite also having glaucoma and this will make a huge impact on this day-to-day lifestyle, and especially give him the confidence he needs for his driving.”

To see how Optegra can assist your vision correction goals, Get in touch.

Mr Parkinson, After His Life Changing Treatment At Optegra

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