Where Is The Best Place For Laser Eye Surgery?

3 April 2020

While the advancement in laser eye surgery and related outcomes have been impressive in recent years, it is still a serious surgical procedure. One of the key questions all potential patients will need to consider is whether to have treatment in a professional hospital environment, or a small high street based clinic.

The good news is that laser eye treatment is now virtually pain free, and lasts mere minutes with patients being able to resume work as quickly as the next day. The downside to this is that people mistakenly think that the choice of provider is less important, and often overlook the importance of obtaining treatment in a hospital setting. After all, there are more small high street or shopping mall based providers than dedicated eye hospitals.

Just remember, when it comes to your eyes, nothing should be taken for granted. In this post, we explore the many benefits of choosing a serious, hospital based laser eye surgery provider like Optegra.

treatment rooms

Dedicated Eye Hospitals Like Optegra Facilitate Patient Comfort

With a large, purpose built eye hospital you’re certain to get the most comfortable care from the waiting room to treatment and recovery. A hospital environment will also ensure a generous staff to patient ratio, so you’re always going to be in the best possible hands. While most clinics will force you to recover in a generic waiting room (sometimes seated next to strangers), hospital based providers like Optegra have spacious recovery areas such as the private recovery patient areas in our flagship Central London hospital.

Hospitals Provide A Clinical, Clean & Sterile Setting For Treatment

When considering surgery, a hospital environment provides a sterile and professional venue to aid treatment and recovery. You wouldn’t have any other type of surgery on the High Street or a shopping mall, why would it be any different for your eyes?

Hospital Based Providers Like Optegra Are Best Suited To Offer A Wider Range Of Bespoke Treatments

Optegra are among a few UK providers who offer the latest ReLEx SMILE laser eye surgery. Most high street based clinics will not even talk about this option, because they do not provide it. Some people are naturally better suited to SMILE than the more traditional LASIK or LASEK treatments. At Optegra, our large hospitals are equipped with the latest technology to provide truly bespoke treatments based on what suits the patient. This is in contrast to many smaller clinics who are only equipped to offer a limited choice of treatments.

5 Star Dedicated Eye Hospitals Are Ideally Placed To Attract The Best Surgical Talent

Aside from access to the best facilities and latest technology, your choice of surgeon is crucial in receiving the best treatment. Optegra eye hospitals have been able to attract truly world renowned surgeons, who are highly experienced, NHS trained and undoubtedly the best in their fields. Between them, they have treated over 1.3 million eyes – read more about our laser eye surgeons.

No Expense Spared Technology

At our dedicated eye hospitals, we’re proud to be able to offer our patients world class technology and equipment. As a nationwide eye hospital group, we have our own Eye Sciences department who constantly monitor our technology to ensure our impeccably high standards are maintained. Our Eye Sciences professionals also regularly consult with our expert surgeons to discuss new technology investments where appropriate. Small high street clinics simply do not have the means or ability to do the same.

Our Dedicated Eye Hospital Facilities Are One Of The Many Reasons We’re “UK’s Top Rated”

While there are several reasons we are recommended by GP’s and Optometrists, our immaculate eye hospitals are central to their trust in Optegra. Beyond winning the trust of our fellow eye professionals, Optegra have also been awarded the accolade of “UK’s Top Rated Laser Eye Surgery Provider” in 2018 and 2019 by Doctify.

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