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The Cost Of Laser Eye Surgery

25 June 2020

By Mr Amir Hamid, Optegra Medical Director For Vision Correction.

When individuals are considering laser eye surgery – perhaps because they are fed up with glasses, frustrated with contacts, or want a better solution for sports and hobbies –  a key question is how much will laser eye surgery cost?

We are here to answer your questions!

There are many adverts for laser eye surgery and some can be confusing as there are many treatment options and various ways of paying. For example, some companies have hidden costs, so let’s get clarity on pricing as well as vision.

At Optegra we can reassure you that we charge one basic fee – there are no extras, no hidden costs.

And the fee includes all follow-up consultations and any ‘top up’ treatments that may be required in a very small number of cases.

There are, however, different types of laser eye surgery, and so the prices do vary dependent on which your surgeon recommends as most suitable for your individual eyes.

This decision is made based on your personal eye health, your prescription, your age and what your expectations are for your vision.  For example, some may want incredibly fine precise vision for craft, art or needlework, while others are more concerned about long distance vision perhaps for driving, playing golf or running.

Costs per eye

As your individual eyes may actually have different requirements, we charge per eye. So do remember that when considering total cost.

Costs vary per specific treatment

There are a number of different types of laser vision correction and here is an overview of each and the costs at Optegra Eye Health Care:

LASEK – this type of laser eye surgery is generally suitable for people with less serious eye focusing problems, thin corneas, or dry eyes.

This costs £1,495 per eye

LASIK – this is the most popular and well-known type of laser eye surgery and can be used to treat myopia (short sight), hyperopia (long sight), astigmatism and wavefront abnormalities.  This costs £1,795 per eye (*£1,895 in Optegra Central London)

ReLEx SMILE – the most advanced and minimally invasive laser eye surgery treatment.  It is a bladeless form of laser eye surgery which is why no flap is required.  This costs £2,495 per eye

Presbyond – a method of laser vision correction intended for people with presbyopia, the age-related need to use reading glasses. It is a form of advanced wavefront laser treatment which blends vision for distance and near between the dominant and non-dominant eye, reducing or even eliminating the need for glasses. This costs £2,495 per eye.

There are also other forms of vision correction available at Optegra:

Lens exchange – also called RLE or Refractive Lens Exchange.  Similar to cataract surgery where the natural lens of the eye is replaced with an artificial lens, this replacement lens is tailored specifically to your needs so you can be free of glasses or contacts after a 20 minute procedure. And never get a cataract! This costs £2,999 per eye for monofocal lenses, and £3,495 per eye for multifocal lenses (£3,595 in Central London*)

Implantable contact lenses – This is a tiny, soft lens which is placed in your eye between your natural lens and the iris, or between the iris and the cornea. It’s like wearing a contact lens inside your eye instead of on the surface of it.  This costs £3,795 per eye

Should you invest in laser vision correction?

Of course vision correction surgery is an investment, and the advantages of being able to see without glasses or contact lenses are great.

When researching, ensure the price quoted is a final cost, not ‘from’ a certain amount. At Optegra we have no hidden costs.

Some patients work out their current cost of annual prescription changes, new spectacles, or monthly financial commitments for contact lenses and all the associated solutions…if you wear glasses or contact lenses, you’ll have to keep paying for eye tests, lenses and frames for the rest of your life. Over the course of a lifetime, this can really add up – not just financially but in terms of the time you spend visiting the optician too. If you choose laser eye surgery, you’re choosing a permanent treatment with one fixed cost.

Finance options

At Optegra we also offer finance options so you can spread the cost over several months – up to four years. For example, if you are recommended to have LASIK, after an initial payment of £359 you would only pay £27 a month for 48 months. Or £54 a month for 24 months.

Private medical insurance

You may also be wondering if your private medical insurance will cover the cost of vision correction.

If you hare having cataract surgery, that is covered by insurance. However, the amount covered in terms of treatment cost is on a patient by patient basis dependent on your individual policy.

If you are choosing to have elective surgery, for example RLE this would not be covered by private medical insurance.

Yet if you have a cataract and also want to be free of glasses (as with the RLE procedure), the cataract element would be covered and you would only have to pay separately for your enhanced lenses.

For example, to upgrade from regular cataract surgery to an RLE ‘package’ is an additional £1,495 per eye – this would cover follow-ups for a year and enhancement in that time frame if required.

What now?

Our advice, if you are considering vision correction, is to first have a free consultation to find out if you are even suitable for treatment.  Once you know if you are a suitable candidate your Optegra surgeon will recommend which specific treatment is suitable and your team will talk through finance options with you.

To arrange, please call 0800 086 1064 or book a consultation online.


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