Why Does Laser Eye Surgery Cost So Much?

8 November 2019

Laser eye surgery might seem expensive, particularly if you’re on a bit of a budget or trying to save for another big purchase. As with many other things, it’s tempting to shop around to find the best price, but before you do it’s vital to consider the importance of having high quality treatment.

Laser eye surgery is such a quick and common procedure that many people forget that it isn’t like having a haircut or a spa treatment. In fact, it is a delicate medical process that requires a great deal of expertise and aftercare, and you need to be sure that you invest your time, health and money in someone you can trust.

How much does laser eye surgery cost?

At Optegra, we charge a fixed price per eye for our laser eye surgery, with the option of paying upfront or using one of several price plans.

The cost will differ depending on the type of laser eye surgery you have, so it is important to discuss the different options with your consultant. LASIK and LASEK surgery costs £1,795 per eye, while ReLEx SMILE costs £2,250 per eye. This is the complete price, and includes consultations, aftercare and access to outstanding facilities.

We offer a range of finance options, including options with 0% APR, so it could turn out to be much more affordable than you first thought.

Why high quality treatment costs more

Those of us who love a bargain may be tempted to look for cheap laser eye surgery offers online, but it’s important to understand that this may not be the best option for your eye health. Medical procedures are very serious and should not involve taking shortcuts, so if you are considering this, please read our blog post on why to avoid cheap laser eye surgery. When it comes to your vision, it’s worth remembering that quality is much more important than cost.

If you are thinking of going abroad for laser eye surgery to save money, you should think this through thoroughly, as it may not be the safest option, and when you factor in the costs of travel it may not be the cheapest option either.

Having your treatment with a reputable provider such as Optegra may cost more, but this is because you’ll be benefitting from:

  • World-class laser eye surgeons
  • Dedicated eye hospitals
  • The very best facilities and technology
  • Comprehensive aftercare

All of this will also help to increase your chances of getting the best possible results from your treatment, and after all, isn’t that the most important thing?

Why you should choose Optegra

Choosing to have your laser eye surgery with Optegra means choosing a high quality, professional service. Our eye hospitals feature state-of-the-art facilities, including the latest medical technology and everything you need to be comfortable and relaxed during your treatment. From our reception areas to our specially designed recovery suites, we’ve developed the most comfortable and satisfying laser eye surgery experience. And it’s all included in our up-front price.

Optegra’s laser eye surgeons go above and beyond to make sure that you receive the highest level of treatment. With many years of experience, our surgeons are all specialists in their fields, and are fellows of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists or equivalent organisations. We choose them just as much for their dedication and care as we do for their skills, so they’ll be happy to help with any queries you might have.

You’ll be with the same surgeon from your first consultation, through to your surgery and even your aftercare, so you’ll know that you’re always in safe hands. Our comprehensive aftercare plan is in place to help ensure that you’re happy with the results of your treatment, and that your recovery is progressing well.

We pride ourselves on providing outstanding service and fantastic results for each and every patient, and in our view this makes our laser eye surgery excellent value. Don’t just take our word for it though – take a look at what our patients reviews about their experiences with us.


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