What Are the Benefits of RLE?

20 April 2020

Imagine a treatment that could help you see without glasses or contact lenses – at all distances – and also prevent you getting cataracts in the future.

It truly does exist, and can transform your life!

Do you struggle to read the alarm clock in the morning? Or reach for your specs to read the instruction labels on foods?

Do you wish you could enjoy sports without glasses or contacts? Or are you frustrated by your glasses steaming up as you come out of the cold?

Then you too may be able to benefit from Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE), a proven treatment carried out thousands of time at Optegra.

These are just a few of the many reasons that people – over the past 15 years – have opted to have RLE, also known as Lens Replacement Surgery.

It is an alternative treatment to laser eye surgery, and is a technically advanced and sophisticated version of a cataract operation – the most commonly performed elective surgery in the UK.

The key differences between RLE and cataract, is you can have this from around the age of 50 years purely to correct your vision; and the replacement lens is tailored specifically to your prescription and visual needs.

RLE can:

  • Correct long-sightedness
  • Correct short-sightedness
  • Correct vision from astigmastism – when your eye is the shape of a rugby ball rather than a football and this affects your vision and focusing power
  • Prevent you getting a cataract in the future

A long-term study has revealed that 91% of Optegra’s RLE patients achieve 20/20 vision and 97% can read newspaper-size print after the procedure.

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    Optegra consultant eye surgeon, Mr Alex Shortt, explains:

    “The great advantages of RLE are the opportunity to permanently correct your vision to eliminate or greatly reduce your dependence on glasses.

    “The procedure is ideal from around the age of 50 years as this is the age when most people have developed presbyopia – the age-related need for reading glasses.

    “It is just a 20 minute, painless op, and the natural lens of the eye is permanently replaced with an artificial intraocular lens (IOL).  It is carried out as a day case, and in the majority of patients the effects are permanent. In the rare cases that a patient does notice a change in their vision over time this can easily be corrected using a very quick laser treatment to optimise the focus of the eye and restore the perfect focus.

    “My patients are delighted with the outcomes, and I hear so many examples about how their life has been transformed – from the city executive who spends hours in front of multiple computer screens to the avid sewing and knitting devotees.

    Recent Optegra patient Brendan Jones says:

    “My particular results are as good as I can imagine they could ever be!”

    “On waking the morning after treatment, I quickly grabbed a magazine, not expecting to see much, but already I could easily read even the smallest of print! So I went hunting around my home to further test myself and was truly amazed – I could read the tiny print on the eye drop leaflets and then went on to easily read the smallest print imaginable on the labels of bottles within my bathroom cabinet, prior to the procedure this print would have been no more than a grey blur to me”.

    “As a real bonus – I had not realized that there was anything wrong with my long-distance vision, but these new lenses meant my view across London was so much crisper and clearer than it had been before!”

    To learn more on how RLE could benefit you personally, why not book a free, non-obligation consultation with Optegra.


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