9 Surprising side effects of Lens Replacement Surgery

If you’re considering whether lens replacement surgery is the best option for you, then you’re probably trying your best to research some of the things that will happen if you opt to have the surgery. There are some minimal risks associated with lens replacement – as there are with many other types of surgery, but we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by some of the other side effects.
This article will take you through nine surprising side effects of lens replacement surgery, which we hope should help you to decide whether this surgery will have a positive impact on your quality of life:
1.  Clearer Vision
Often, when you’ve been struggling to see for a number of years, you may not realise just how much of a struggle it is, because you will have learned to compensate for your poor vision in other ways. When you first have lens replacement surgery, you may be shocked at just how poor your vision was before when you realise how much better your vision is following the surgery.
2. Fewer headaches
Although you may not think it, poor vision can cause headaches – as your eyes are constantly straining to try and correct what you’re seeing. Because of this, you are likely to find that your headaches will lessen after you have had the surgery.
3. Less need for visual correction aids
If you’re tired of constantly having to change your glasses depending on what you’re doing – and how far away the point of focus is – lens replacement surgery may be able to help you, as most patients no longer need to wear glasses after they have had the surgery.
4. Saving money in the long term
Glasses and contact lenses can be expensive, so by getting rid of the need for them, the cost of the surgery will be offset by the saving that you make on your visual aids. This is great news for all who groan when they receive their eye test appointment card through the post!
5. Driving more safely
Most Western countries now require an eye test before you can drive, and if your eye sight is very poor then you may not even be able to take your driving test. You may also need to notify the DVLA of severe vision problems. By having lens correction surgery to improve your vision, you should find that you are able to drive much more safely, putting your mind at rest.
6. Improved hand-eye coordination
How many times have you struggled to fasten tricky buttons, or press the right key on a small key pad? This could be little to do with your motor skills and much more to do with your eyesight – and improving this could mean that you have a much better chance of getting things done quickly and efficiently, at the first time of trying.
7. No problems reading the small print
No matter what you’re buying, if it’s a big purchase, it always seems as though there is small print to read. Sometimes, this can be tricky even with reading glasses, however if your eyesight has been improved with surgery the job can be a whole lot easier.
8. Better ability to play sports
Although you may well be a talented sportsperson, if you have to wear glasses during gameplay this could decrease your chances of making the team – as it could potentially put your safety at risk. If you are able to eliminate the need for glasses, you may be much more successful in your sport of choice, meaning that you can enjoy getting fit without having to worry about your eyesight.
9. Increase your job opportunities
Many professions now require eye tests before you are allowed to apply for a role with a company – and if this is the case then it is clear that improving your vision would be a good move to make. It makes little sense to restrict your job opportunities by something that is so easily fixed, and that could benefit you in the future.
Your eyes deserve the best
Clearly, there are many positive side effects to lens replacement surgery, which will impact upon your life in a positive way, so you’ll be able to enjoy your life to the full without worrying about your eyesight.
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