There is no stopping Clare now cataracts are cleared

9 August 2023

Clare Karabulut, from Birmingham, had never experienced surgery before; but when deteriorating eyesight started to affect her daily life she felt compelled to take action.

Clare had cataracts in both eyes, despite only being 48 years old, and had been experiencing blurry vision for over two years. “I was quite worried about having surgery on my eye but knew that I couldn’t delay any longer” she said. “I love gardening but was finding it difficult and disorientating, and being outside in the bright sunshine made my eyes hypersensitive which was really frustrating.”

Clare had her cataract surgery at Optegra Eye Hospital Birmingham with consultant surgeon Mr Nick Glover. “Optegra was superb and the nurses were so supportive and friendly. They made me feel extra special!  Mr Glover and his team were fantastic, keeping me calm throughout and talking me through the entire procedure. Within 20 minutes it was all done.

“My recovery immediately after surgery was very good, absolutely no pain or any redness. I was careful to follow all the aftercare advise to prevent an infection and rested my eye for at least seven days. This meant that I had no complications at all.”

Clare is now enjoying sharp, clear vision. “I can now see easily to do gardening; and seeing traffic lights as a single light rather than a cluster of multiple lights bunched together is amazing! I’ve also noticed how everyday colours are so much brighter and vivid too, something I’d never expected or considered.

“I highly recommend Optegra to anyone needing eye surgery. It’s a lovely modern clinic in Birmingham with very professional, caring staff and I am thrilled with the results.”


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