Clear vision ahead for Surrey cataract patient

23 November 2023

Elaine Wakem, 79, from Aldershot, noticed her eyesight had become blurry so knew that something was wrong, but thought she just needed new glasses. “I struggled to see writing on the television screen and objects in the distance were lacking definition,” said Elaine.

“My husband was making an appointment for an eye test, so I asked him to make one for me too.” It was at her routine eye test that Elaine discovered she had cataract in both eyes. “It was a bit of a surprise, I thought a pair of glasses would solve the problem.”

She was referred to Optegra Eye Hospital Surrey and was seen just a couple of weeks later for cataract surgery. “I did feel a bit nervous on the day of the operation, but everything was explained to me so clearly that my mind was put at ease,” said Elaine. “It was over very quickly and I didn’t feel any pain.”

Elaine now has perfect vision as a result of her cataract surgery with Mr Alex Shortt, ophthalmic surgeon. “I am amazed at how well I can see.  I didn’t realise how bad my vision had become, as the cataract had developed slowly over time. I feel much safer driving now, and can see labels and signs in the supermarket; and I even spotted colours in the paving slabs in our garden that I didn’t know existed!

“I would thoroughly recommend Optegra for anyone considering cataract surgery – in fact, I have already told a friend about it. It’s life changing – sight is so precious, so just get it done!”


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