Lockdown Savings Transforms Ryan’s Life

26 May 2021

For Ryan Mason Owen from Solihull, a recent eye op has transformed his look, his life and his vision.

Age 22, Ryan Mason says:

“I feel like a new person! No more wearing glasses at all after 13 years of breaking them, losing them, and I’d had enough of them steaming up…I can now wake up every day feeling so much better, seeing everything. And the new look suits me, I feel like my life is transformed!”

Working in IT support, Ryan Mason also enjoys equine work, looking after five horses with his boyfriend.

Wearing glasses while riding in the rain, or with specs falling off and getting dusty and dirty while mucking out all helped him decide to go to local specialist Optegra Eye Hospital Birmingham for the surgery he has wanted for some time:

“From around 10 years old I had to wear glasses because I just had terrible vision, I could not see the TV anymore and really struggled. My eyes are also very sensitive to light so I would often have tears and then not be able to see anything.

“When Covid happened and I have had to work from home ever since, I have actually managed to save up from not travelling and buying lunches – and I could not believe I could actually manage to save up for something that would transform my life.”

As well as making work life easier as he spends many hours on the computer, Ryan Mason notices the difference with his hobby and social life too:

“Until I met my boyfriend Shaun, I had never even touched a horse, but over the past two years I have fallen in love with them! When I finish my work, I am out in the stables and love just spending time with my horses in full 20/20 vision! It is wonderful to now be able to enjoy them without specs!”

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    He attended Optegra Eye Hospital Birmingham, based at Aston University, where he was advised that he was suitable for LASEK laser eye surgery – because the front of his eye, the cornea, was slightly thinner, LASEK ensures that the patient has a strong cornea afterwards. And he now has 20/20 vision.

    Ryan Mason concludes:

    “I am so pleased I discovered Optegra – I went to another clinic and they were so much more expensive, but my mum’s friend works at Optegra and once I went there, my life changed. My friend Kim Kaur has been amazing, holding my hand through it all, been reassuring – the whole medical team at the hospital were fantastic. They are all about the patients and outcomes.

    “Life is a thousand times easier now. It is so amazing to wake up every morning and ‘oh my god’ I can see! People who have never worn glasses will not understand, but for those who do, it is truly amazing – it is brilliant how it is done in what seems like 60 seconds and then you can see – there are no words for it!

    “I’m so grateful to my boyfriend Shaun, Kim and my mum and dad who supported me throughout the whole process.”

    Ryan enjoys 20/20 vision following his LASEK laser eye surgery at Optegra
    Ryan riding a brown horse

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