Safe And Secure Treatment Despite Covid-19

16 November 2020

For Pauline Arch, 82, from Highcliffe in Dorset, health conditions mean she has had to shield throughout lockdown – yet her cataracts were making her vision so poor, she decided to progress with her NHS treatment at Optegra Eye Hospital Hampshire.

In terms of feeling safe during her visit, she said: “I am quite cautious as I have to shield, but I thought it was fantastic. It was very hygienic and I had such a good experience. I wore gloves and a mask in but was told to remove the gloves and use the hand sanitizer.  I had my temperature checked and was given a gown, shoe coverings, and the great thing was there was no waiting around.  I was called in straight away and reassured that all the testing equipment was thoroughly sanitised for each patient.  It was all very efficient and secure and I felt completely safe – I did not worry about coronavirus at all.”

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    While she had her first eye treated in February, the second was delayed due to the March lockdown.

    Her vision was changing so dramatically that over the past few years, she has had to change her spectacles six times – and at £230 a time for the new lenses, this was not a cheap option!

    Pauline explains that she needs to drive – as she lives a couple of miles from the nearest supermarket – but felt her vision was not fully up to standards.

    She says: “It was beginning to get ridiculous, I was having to wait such a long time to get treatment at the hospital where I had my first eye treated.  I really need to drive to keep my independence and while I could see with glasses on, the cataract was changing my vision so rapidly I just could not see properly. I was so relieved when my optician called me and said Optegra could help me.”

    After having her second eye treated, she is so happy with her improved eyesight. Pauline says: “My vision is lovely now, it is brilliant. I do not feel cautious any more about driving, and I love gardening and reading so of course it is much better for that.  I had not realised how the cataract was affecting my vision but after my first eye was treated, I covered my bad eye and my curtains looked brilliant white – but with my bad eye, they looked a misty grey!  It is fantastic to have clear vision again now.” Learn more about how Optegra are operating with the highest safety standards during Covid-19.


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