Is It Safe To Have Eye Surgery Post Lockdown?

9 July 2020

As lockdown eases and the nation tries to get back to some normality, many people who are considering vision correction treatment are asking if it is now safe to do so?

Let us reassure you!

Here at Optegra we have taken a number of steps to keep you and our staff safe, and to enable your treatment to go ahead from now onwards.

Medical Director for Vision Correction, and ophthalmic surgeon, Mr Amir Hamid, says:

“We all need to adjust to a new normal, and within a hospital setting that is incredibly important.  We have dedicated a great deal of time to ensuring that our hospitals are safe and have introduced new measures like free virtual consultations so that initial steps can be taken from the comfort of your own home.

“Our hospitals are, of course, incredibly sterile environments anyway, but we have also taken extra measures, for example in reception spaces, to further protect you. And as we are a dedicated eye clinic, there are no additional general medical patients present which reduces the volume of patients and risk of infection from others.”

And the Royal College of Optometrists states:

Here is what you can expect at all Optegra hospitals:


If you are considering vision correction surgery the first step is for us to chat through your needs, your medical history, your hopes for your eyesight and so on.  All of this can be completed within a phone call or virtual consultation with your eye surgeon, from the comfort of your own home.

This also means you spend less time within the hospital if you choose to proceed to the next step, which is the physical eye examinations within the hospital.

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    Ahead of visiting Optegra, one of our team will call to check you have not had any Covid-19 symptoms, and that you are not isolating.

    Patients will be asked not to attend the hospital if they have a temperature, a persistent cough, loss of the sense of taste or smell or if they – or someone they live with is isolating.

    You will also be asked to come into the hospital alone, unless you need the assistance of a carer, so that we can minimise the number of patients at any one time.

    We will also ask that you only arrive up to 5 minutes ahead of your appointment so we can keep reception areas clear as much as possible.


    At the entrance you will have your temperate checked with a non-contact thermometer. If it is more than 37.8 degrees centigrade we will ask you to please re-schedule your visit.  We will explain your treatment plan to you before you leave.

    All staff will also have their temperate checked every day as they arrive at the hospital.

    We will then provide you with hand sanitiser, as well as an apron and fluid resistant surgical; face mask.

    When you attend there will be a discussion with a member of staff regarding risk and we will ask you to sign a Covid consent form.  This is assurance to you that we have considered the risks and benefits of you having treatment and that Optegra has given sufficient information to enable you to be make an informed decision about your treatment within our hospital.

    When you register your arrival, please follow the social distancing markers on the floor.


    Our clinical staff will wear PPE and all diagnostic equipment will be rigorously deep-cleaned throughout the day.

    Your consultant surgeon or optometrist will then discuss your treatment options, while respecting social distancing.


    When you return to the hospital for treatment the above steps will be taken again ahead of you being prepared for surgery in a private space.

    As you enter theatre, you will be given a disposable gown to wear over your clothes, and be asked to again use hand sanitiser.

    After your short treatment and recovery time, you will be free to leave and return home.

    There are no overnight stays in our hospital and the changes we have made – such as the virtual consultation – are designed to reduce the amount of time you are in the hospital for each appointment.

    If you have any questions at all, please get in touch by emailing


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