Treatments available at Optegra Eye Hospital Manchester

Optegra Eye Hospital Manchester provides a wide range of eye treatments.

Vision Correction Treatments available in Manchester

Laser Eye Surgery
Laser eye surgery can correct a range of visual impairments including short sight, long sight and astigmatism. We offer an innovative range of procedures including LASEK, LASIK and ReLEx SMILE, depending on your personal needs. Consultations regarding this treatment are currently free of charge.

Lens Replacement Surgery
Our lens replacement procedure is called Clarivu, a state of the art treatment for cataracts, astigmatism, long or short sightedness, presbyopia and dependence on glasses/contact lenses.

Cataract Surgery
Our Manchester eye hospital can replace your cataracts and reduce your dependence on glasses.

Medical Conditions we treat in Manchester

Vitrectomy Treatments
Vitrectomy pars plana with internal tamponade
Vitrectomy pars plana with internal tamponade, scleral buckling and retinopexy
YAG laser photodisruption of posterior capsule of lens (including laser capsulotomy)

Glaucoma Treatments
Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty

AMD Treatments
Intra Ocular Lens for Visually Impaired People (IOL-VIP)
AMD injections
Eyelid surgery

Further Diagnostic Tests
Biometry (IOL Master)
Humphrey Visual Field Analyser
Heidelberg Retinal Tomography (HRT)
Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)
Specular Microscopy
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