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      Clarivu™ was the Optegra brand name for its individually tailored vision correction package, today’s known as Lens Replacement.

      Lens replacement – or Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE) – is a proven and permanent procedure that could correct long or short-sightedness and prevent or remove cataracts.

      The Optegra lens replacement package includes: all diagnostic eye assessments, an artificial intraocular lens (IOL) specially selected for your lifestyle and visual goals, the procedure undertaken in an Optegra eye hospital and post-operative care. In addition, the package includes any further top up laser surgery that may be required in order to meet your stated visual goals.

      The Optegra lens replacement package means you pay one single price for the consultation, procedure, lenses and aftercare – no matter what your prescription.

      You will experience the highest standard of surgical expertise with a dedicated Optegra Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon allocated to you for every step of the way. Our consultants are able to offer comprehensive ophthalmology advice and care that isn’t limited to the refractive procedure.

      You can take further reassurance that our consultants will be using the best equipment for diagnosis and treatment and our strict monitoring and reporting protocol involving the Optegra Eye Sciences team ensures the accurate reporting of clinical outcomes data to the Medical Advisory Committee (MAC) and the board.

      Lens Replacement may be ideal if you are over 50. It could eliminate or reduce your dependence on glasses or contact lenses, even if you have astigmatism. It can also prevent or remove cataracts.

      Lens Replacement is a proven treatment

      This safe and proven treatment, carried out thousands of times by Optegra, is a technically advanced and sophisticated development of cataract surgery, which is one of the world’s most frequently performed surgical procedures.

      It corrects common abnormalities of the focusing power of the eye, known as refractive errors. These include astigmatismpresbyopiahyperopia and myopia.

      Lens Replacement is available at all Optegra eye hospitals, a network of specialist eye hospitals around the UK with world renowned, NHS-trained expert Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeons.


      You've got to see the right people. I was confident enough to believe in Optegra, and the outcome was phenomenal.

      High Performance Coach

      How is Lens Replacement different from standard cataract surgery?

      During cataract surgery, the eye’s natural lens is replaced typically with a monofocal lens. This provides good distance vision but means you will still be reliant on reading glasses after the procedure. Lens replacement however could correct long or short-sightedness at the same time. So, if you already need cataract surgery, you could consider upgrading to Lens Replacement which could help you eliminate or reduce your dependence on glasses as well as remove your cataracts.

      Lens Replacement with the latest femtosecond laser technology

      We offer the latest femtosecond laser technology for our lens replacement procedures to give the optimum results for you.

      Femtosecond laser technology offers a reproducible technique to replace the less predictable and most technically demanding steps of conventional lens replacement procedures.

      Ask your consultant about femtosecond laser technology at your consultation.

      Why our eyesight deteriorates

      One of the reasons our eyesight deteriorates as we age is that the lenses in our eyes naturally harden – this means your eyes will not be able to focus as clearly at different distances. Of course, the usual solution is glasses, but lens replacement offers an alternative solution and means you may never have to wear glasses or contacts again

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