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    How can astigmatism be treated?

    Astigmatism is treated through refractive laser eye surgery, such as LASIK, or corrective lenses. Refractive laser eye surgery defines where the uneven curvature is and recovers your vision. Whereas corrective lenses are specially fitted contact lenses that reshape the cornea. But corrective lenses will not permanently improve your vision.

    The type of treatment depends on your individual eye health. In mild cases of astigmatism, treatment may not be necessary. But in more severe cases you could use glasses, contact lenses, or have laser eye surgery to correct your vision permanently.

    If you have irregular astigmatism, you won’t be able to correct it with glasses, so if wearing contact lenses isn’t for you, laser eye surgery could be a great option. At Optegra, we offer LASIKLASEKSMILE and lens implant eye surgery methods, all of which can be used to treat patients with astigmatism.  Get in touch today or book your consultation, our helpful service team will talk you through all of the different treatments we offer at Optegra so you can find the best one for you.


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