Lens replacement surgery (Clarivu) customer reviews

Lens surgery customer reviews

Optegra’s lens replacement with a multi-focal lens uses pioneering techniques to improve your eyesight, reduce your dependence on glasses, and remove or prevent cataracts.

Achieving the successful outcomes you’d expect from the UK’s most trusted specialist eye hospital group. Many of our lens replacement patients are so pleased with their results and the first class care and attention they receive at Optegra, they have been kind enough to write a few words about their experience.


“Optegra have changed my life. Their friendly, professional service gave me the confidence to proceed with replacement lens surgery. The successful procedure has given me amazing results, 20/20 vision.”
Mrs Anne Browne


“Optegra Yorkshire where absolutely brilliant carrying out my cataract and Clarivu lens replacement surgery, it was done in an extremely professional manor as well as fully explained at every stage of the process, the difference it has made to me is outstanding as it has giving me my freedom to lead a normal life again being able to see without spectacles.”
John Willis


“My life changed for the better after lens replacement (Clarivu) at Optegra in Manchester. Prior to surgery I was so short sighted I needed 'bottle bottom' glasses and couldn't see my hand in front of my face without specs or contacts. The results of the surgery were magical for me, colours were brighter vision was 20/20 and I cried when I took my eye bandage off as the results were instant. My mum was with me and she cried too as she knew how long my vision had been adversely affected. Since the surgery it has spurred me on to loose weight, keep fit and look after myself. I can swim, cycle and run without thinking about which pair of glasses to wear. The investment for me in the surgery is priceless. Excellent service and aftercare.”
Sharon Benson


“I am so pleased with my Optegra Bilateral refractive lens surgery with multi focal lenses. My consultant explained every stage of my treatment giving me plenty of time to ask questions. He was very professional giving me every confidence in him and my procedure. My treatment was comfortable and pain free. I was able to leave Optegra shortly after with immediate good results.I could not recommend it more.”


“I had Clarivu Lens Replacement to correct my high myopia with astigmatism and cataracts. I had been to the eye department at my local hospital three times and they said there was nothing they could do at present I was wearing soft contact lenses but the strength of my prescription could not be increased anymore (minus 17 in one eye) I was struggling at work with a pc and to watch the television driving was also proving difficult. A friend recommended Optegra and I had the surgery carried out on both eyes. After the first eye was operated on I could not believe how well I could see a week later and the second one was operated on it was truly a miracle it has improved my life so much I do not need glasses at all and can see much better than friends and family. Although not young I am 54 and it was very worrying at how bad my sight was. Truly a miracle!”
Mrs Sue Tosdevin


“Having had RLE treatment, I must honestly say that my eyesight is now as it was 50yrs ago. The surgeon is first class, he and his team make you feel at ease thoughout the procedure. All the staff are very attentive to your well-being and answer all questions in a very professional way without any gobbledygook.The best advice I have ever had and I already recommended Optegra to a friend of the family.”


“My lens implants at Optegra have changed my life. Having worn glasses for 65 years I now have 20/20 vision. I would not hesitate to recommend Optegra. The whole experience from the no obligation tests through to follow up after surgery has been brilliant with excellent medical and back room staff.”Doreen Mallandaine


“I had lens replacement in both eyes. The treatment from start to end was brilliant. Everybody was so kind because I was very nervous, I was put at ease at all times, even had my hand held by a nurse while having the operation so kind and friendly. My surgeon is a miracle worker. My eyes were -13 with astigmatism, i have worn glasses since a child am now 53 and can see perfectly and only have to wear readers 2.5.which is nothing compared to having thick glasses on my nose for 40 years, having to take spare glasses because I couldn’t see without them from when I got up to going to bed having to feel for them in the morning. I’m now 3 months on with no problems .so all in all I can recommend Optegra to have your eyes done.”
Mrs Martina Derry


“After wearing spectacles and hard lens for over 50 years the decision to have eye surgery was difficult, particularly as I was both long sighted and had an astigmatism. Clarivu represented the only real solution, I had a consultation at the Optegra hospital in Birmingham were I was advised on the best route to achieve the optimum results. The process began in August 2014, I was advised that due to my prescription and the fact that I had worn hard contact lens for over 30 years, that it would take a period of time for my eyes to recover their natural shape which would allow accurate measurements to be taken to ensure the replacement lenses would give me the best result. I visited the hospital every 2 months until the surgeon was happy that the eye shapes were stable. I had the operations in January 2015. The results are fantastic, the care was brilliant. I would highly recommend this treatment, it changed my life”
Mr Sean Mark Fennon


“Although very anxious having lens replacement was put at ease from start to finish and am MORE than delighted with the result.”
Mrs Leonie Lancaster


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