Are you paying too much: How much should a lens replacement surgery cost?

If you’ve done your research on lens replacement surgery, you’ll know that the procedure costs between £2000 and £4000 per eye in the UK. But you’re probably still wondering how the costs are worked out and whether you need to go with the provider at the very top end of the scale to guarantee the best results.

To help answer your questions, we’ve put together this simple guide to the cost of lens replacement surgery, to help explain the costs, and why some providers are more expensive than others, to you in more detail.

Lens replacement surgery cost: what’s included?
When you’re researching lens replacement surgery and comparing costs, it’s advisable to dig a little deeper to find out exactly what’s included in the quoted price:

  • Does it include a free consultation with an Ophthalmic Consultant?
  • Does it include a post-operative check-up?

                …or will you have to pay extra for that?

  • Is the price based on the best type of intraocular lens (IOL) to suit your lifestyle and personal prescription?

                …or is the price for standard lenses that may not give you the best results?

  • Does the price you’ve been quoted include aftercare medication, such as eye drops and protective goggles?

Often, when you see a quoted price for lens replacement surgery that is towards the lower end of the spectrum, many of these important aspects of the cost have been emitted, and the actual price you’ll pay will be much higher. 

At Optegra, we like to keep things as simple and as straightforward as possible, for all our customers – with no surprises. That’s why our standard lens replacement cost includes a free consultation with the surgeon who will perform your treatment, a follow up appointment – with the same surgeon, and all aftercare medications. 

Paying for lens replacement surgery
Most lens replacement surgery providers offer finance packages to help you budget and pay for your lens replacement operation, but it’s important to check the small print before going ahead, to make sure there aren’t any surprise costs, large deposits or extortionate interest rates that you’ll need to pay – on top of the monthly payments.

At Optegra, we offer 0% finance on lens replacement surgery – starting from £349.50 per month. And the final cost is exactly the same as if you’d paid in a lump sum.
Protect your eyes: invest in the best
When done correctly, you should only ever need one lens replacement procedure, because the results are permanent and will last a lifetime.

When you’re shopping around for lens replacement providers, it’s important to remember, too, that you’re not buying a new pair of shoes – you’re looking for a specialist eye hospital to perform a complex operation on one of the most precious parts of your body, your eyes. So, although it is important to make sure you’re not paying over the odds, and are getting a good deal; the most important factor is for you to feel confident about the quality of expertise, the eye hospital facilities and the standard of customer care offered by your chosen provider.

Lens replacement surgery at Optegra starts at £3,495 per eye – and we regularly price-check our lens replacement surgery costs against all other quality providers, to make sure we’re providing our customers with the best value for money.

But much more importantly, when you choose Optegra for your lens replacement surgery, you’re guaranteed:

✔ World-class eye surgeons – all registered with the Royal College of Ophthalmic Surgeons
✔ State-of-the-art facilities, precision equipment and the latest femtosecond laser technology
✔ Superior comfort and care, including a relaxation lounge and free refreshments after your surgery
✔ High quality aftercare and post-operative follow up appointments
To find out more about lens replacement surgery at the UK’s no.1 most trusted eye specialist, you can call us free on 0800 1692530 or request a free information pack.

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