Is lens replacement surgery safe? Weigh in the pros and cons

Is lens replacement surgery safe? Weigh in the pros and cons
Are you considering lens replacement surgery? It can be a daunting prospect, we know.
When you think about it, it seems like a really complex operation to have the lens of your eye removed and replaced with an artificial lens. But in actual fact, when performed by a specialist eye surgeon – using the latest femtosecond laser technology, it’s actually a quick and straight forward procedure that is completed in 20 – 30 minutes. And the benefits can be life-changing.

Having said that, it’s still a medical procedure and like all other operations there are minimal risks that you need to be aware of and should consider carefully before deciding to go ahead. But hopefully, after reading this article about the pros and cons, you’ll be able to make an informed decision on whether refractive lens exchange is right for you.

 Lens replacement surgery: the facts

It might reassure you to hear that lens replacement surgery is one of the most frequently performed operations – worldwide. And this advanced eye treatment is a development that originally stemmed from traditional cataract surgery; the cataract surgery process has been developed to enable not only the treatment of cataracts and other eye conditions, but also to dramatically improve vision and correct refractive errors as part of the same surgery.
Your surgery will take place at one of our state-or-the-art eye hospitals on an outpatient basis, and after a short period of relaxation and recovery after the surgery, you’ll be able to go home and return to normal activities more or less straight away. And you’ll start to experience the benefits of your improved vision within about 15 minutes of the operation.
During surgery you won’t feel any pain thanks to the anaesthetic eye drops. And you don’t have to worry about being able to see what’s going on – you won’t. You’ll only be aware of lights and your surgeon’s hand movements – as your natural lens is dissolved, using ultrasound, and your new artificial lens is implanted in position, very quickly.
Lens replacement surgery: the pros

There are a multitude of benefits associated with lens replacement surgery – particularly if you’re suffering from cataracts and associated vision problems. But some of the benefits may be more personally specific to you - depending on how your eye problems are currently affecting your life. But here is a list of the most common pros of lens replacement surgery:

  • Successful treatment for cataracts, astigmatism, presbyopia, long-sightedness, short-sightedness, corneal problems and dry eyes

  • Reduced or totally removed dependence on bifocal, varifocal, multifocal glasses and contact lenses. Many patients no longer need either after surgery

  • Viable alternative for those who aren't suitable for laser eye surgery

  • Prevention of cataracts

  • Increased confidence

  • Healthy eyes and reduced chance of eye infections

  • Reduction in headaches and eye strain associated with heavy glasses and strong lenses 

Lens replacement surgery: the cons

There are some risks associated with lens replacement surgery, but they’re extremely rare. And you can avoid many of the risks by choosing one of Optegra’s 155 world-class ophthalmic surgeons to perform your surgery. Aside from the small risk of complications, there are some issues which you may consider to be a deciding factor in not going ahead with the surgery. But we would always advise that you book a free, no obligation consultation with one of our consultants to discuss your options before fully discounting lens replacement surgery:

  • Treatment cost can be a large investment at £3,495 per eye

  • In rare cases, further treatment may be required after your initial surgery to achieve the best results – your consultant will discuss this with you during your consultation 

Find out more about lens replacement surgery
We offer a number of different ways to find out more about refractive lens exchange, to help you decide whether or not the treatment is for you:

  1. You can call us free on 0808 178 5930

  2. Visit the Lens Replacement section of our website

  3. Attend one of our information Open Evenings – to meet with eye specialists and view our state of the art facilities

  4. Or, you can Book a free consultation with one of our ophthalmic surgeons to discuss your individual case in detail

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