Patient looks 20 years younger!

Elise Bravington, from Chorley, experienced a dramatic deterioration in her eye sight during her fifties. Distance vision became difficult and she needed bifocal glasses for reading and close up work.

Elise works four days a week as a secretary for a legal firm in Manchester so uses a computer daily. She was taking regular breaks from the screen to rest her eyes and had to keep swapping between her glasses depending on the type of work she was doing.

She also enjoys cabaret singing in her spare time but didn’t want to wear glasses on stage and reading set lists was becoming problematic. As her confidence began to slip, she knew something had to be done.

Having previously been told that laser eye surgery wasn’t an option due to keratoconus, a degenerative disorder of the eye, she had given up on ever being free of glasses.

But all that changed when she met up with a friend who had recently had ClarivuTM at the Optegra Manchester Eye Hospital. She persuaded Elise to go for a consultation.

Elise says: “I had dismissed the idea of having any kind of eye surgery so it was a revelation to hear about Clarivu. I was nervous because I rely on my secretarial job and didn’t want to put that at risk but my friend reassured me and I made an appointment the next day! My daughter and husband were both very supportive, which gave me the confidence to go ahead.”

Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon Mr Say Aun Quah, from Optegra Manchester Eye Hospital, was realistic about Elise’s chances of being glasses free.

He explains: “Mrs Bravington had bilateral cataracts and forme fruste keratoconus in her right eye. I have treated people with exactly this condition before and there was a small chance of 10-20 per cent that she would need to wear glasses. Even so, I was optimistic that we could make a dramatic improvement in her vision. I recommended Mrs Bravington to have a custom made toric intraocular lens implant in her right eye and a multifocal lens in her left eye.”

Elise continues: “I knew there was a chance that I would still have to wear glasses but this was an opportunity which I grasped with both hands. I was concerned that I would see surgical instruments advancing towards my eyes but actually all I saw was a kaleidoscope of lights and it was over so quickly.”

Elise was back at work in the office a week after the procedure, using the antibiotic and steroid drops in both eyes. She can now go to the gym regularly, read instructions with ease and use her phone and new iPad. But best of all, Elise has regained her confidence and can fully enjoy her performing arts again:

“I feel that I have my life back. It’s like I’m 20 years younger! I had one shot – I went for it and haven’t looked back since. I would recommend it to anyone; at least go for the consultation, what have you got to lose? I’ve had the best possible outcome, I’m free of glasses and thrilled with life!”

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