Ski enthusiast eyes up the slopes

David WatsonDavid, aged 70, who continues to work as the Chief Executive of a Manchester spare parts company, has had to wear spectacles all day long for over four decades and was simply fed up with them.

A friend mentioned the Clarivu™ permanent lens replacement procedure, which David enthusiastically researched and went for a free consultation at the specialist Optegra Manchester Eye Hospital.

He explains: “I am the type of person that just makes my mind up as I go along, and at the consultation I really liked Mr Moriarty’s approach. He gave me all the facts, told me what the procedure could do for me, answered all my questions and then told me to go away and think about it – there was absolutely no pressure whatsoever.”

David was eager to proceed and describes Clarivu as “painless and simplicity itself from a patient’s perspective” with immediate good results – the very next day he could see without spectacles.

He said: “When you need glasses for everything from distance to reading, sports can be an even bigger challenge – if you go to a large pool you cannot see from one end to the other! And to see where you are going when skiing in falling snow involved taking goggles off and putting glasses back on…it’s all so messy! To be able to enjoy sports without all that hassle is fantastic.”

One year on from Clarivu, and two skiing holidays later, David could not be more delighted with the results. He can now thoroughly enjoy his sports, from skiing and swimming, to the gym and golf, as well as international travel, all without the hassle of glasses.

Brendan Moriarty, ophthalmic surgeon at Optegra Manchester Eye Hospital, said: “I have had these lenses implanted myself over two years’ ago and am delighted. Reading ski maps without glasses is a great treat! Also, being a keen golfer, means I can follow the ball clearly with confidence.”

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