I never thought I would read writing that small again!

Joan Mason, 66, from Conwy in Wales, began noticing changes in her eyesight about 12 years ago. Having been glasses-free with 20-20 vision for most of her life, the sudden need to wear glasses was a shock to the system.

With only a mild prescription, Joan was able to buy over-the-counter glasses for reading and detailed work. She tried contact lenses but, unfortunately, they didn’t work out and after several attempts, she gave up.

Joan and her husband Mike frequently travel to America. There, an old friend and an Aunt had undergone lens replacement surgery with fantastic results. Joan realised that it could be the answer she was looking for. She spotted an advert for Optegra in a magazine and booked an appointment.

She says, “I had a very open mind about what they could do for me and still hadn’t decided if I was going to go through with it. I met eye surgeon Say Aun Quah and immediately felt at ease. He made me feel confident and safe, and most importantly, there was no hard sell. A month later I booked in for the treatment.”

Joan’s procedure was straightforward and she immediately saw the benefits. She continues, “The day after the procedure, I picked up the small bottle of eye drops and was amazed that I could read the tiny writing! I started seeking out small writing wherever I went to test myself – my friends couldn’t believe that I could see such tiny words.

“Optegra Eye Hospital Manchester have been brilliant from start to finish, I can’t recommend them enough. I have told all my friends and five of them have since had the treatment too! My husband Mike, who has been wearing glasses since he was four, had lens replacement surgery with Optegra in September last year so we are now both glasses free. He celebrated on a recent holiday by buying his first pair of Ray-Bans!!”

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