Accountant follows his mother’s example

Nick Barnes, 33, from Truro in Cornwall, wasn’t even considering having laser eye surgery until his mum booked in for ClarivuTM, Optegra’s permanent lens replacement surgery.

Although he’d had poor vision since he was 17, Nick didn’t actually mind wearing glasses or contact lenses. However, as an Accountant he spent a lot of time in front of a computer which occasionally irritated his contact lenses, and he had also reduced the amount of time playing badminton and squash because of the lens wearing.

Having seen what a positive experience his mum had at Optegra Surrey Eye Hospital, he decided to go for a consultation for laser eye surgery at the same hospital.

His consultation with Mr Morris (the same surgeon his mother had) could not have been more positive and he asked for the first available appointment for the surgery. He liked the fact that Optegra had a welcoming environment and didn’t feel like a hospital.

Nick says: “On the day of the surgery I had some general nerves, as I am sure most people do, but I felt reassured following my mum’s successful surgery and the nurses at Optegra made me feel very relaxed and comfortable. Mr Morris was very calm and clearly explained what was going to happen both before and during the surgery.

“I arrived at the hospital at 12.30 and left at 2.15 being able to see clearly for the first time in 16 years. I had a check-up the following day and was given the all clear. A few weeks later I had better than 20/20 vision! I am so pleased with the results and the aftercare I received, my only regret was that I didn’t have the surgery done sooner!

“Now I feel that life is incredibly easy. When heading out, I grab my wallet, keys and sunglasses and that’s it!”

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