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Surprising Facts You Should Know About Laser Eye Surgery

27 March 2020

The evolution of laser eye surgery over the years has been nothing short of breath-taking. Many people who begin researching laser eye surgery for the first time are often surprised at how quick, safe and effective the procedure actually is.

However, with so many different providers and treatments, it is important to do your research thoroughly before going ahead with surgery.

Below we list some of the most surprising facts about laser eye surgery that you may not have known.

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The Latest & Most Advanced Form Of Laser Eye Surgery (SMILE) Is Not Offered By Most UK Clinics

For those looking for the most recent laser eye surgery treatment, the 3rd generation ReLEx SMILE procedure is not offered by many of the high street clinics out there. This is simply because SMILE is the latest, and most advanced form of laser treatment available in the world. Most clinics have not made the considerable investment required to offer ReLEx SMILE, despite the many outcome benefits it can bring. At Optegra, we do offer this cutting edge technology so our patients can choose from all the latest options available.


Recovery From Laser Eye Surgery Is Faster Than Most People Think

The advancement in laser technology means recovery from laser eye surgery is quicker than most people realise. The surgery itself is fast, and most people can return to work the next day. You can also resume most of your favourite activities quite quickly after treatment.


Advanced Laser Eye Surgery Can Treat More Patients Than Ever

While some clinics do not have the technology or expertise to treat deeper prescriptions, the dedicated eye hospitals at Optegra can help more people achieve better vision, through ReLEx SMILE. This advanced technology offers some advantages over traditional LASIK and LASEK treatments – including being a suitable option for people who have moderate dry eye or thinner corneas. A large, hospital based provider like Optegra is able to offer each patient a bespoke treatment plan that is perfect for their requirements.


Treatment Is Virtually Painless

Pain is one of the most cited causes for people being apprehensive about treatment. In reality, vision correction technology and patient healing & comfort have evolved impressively since the early years. In fact, laser eye surgery is pain-free, with most people only reporting feeling only a very mild discomfort.


Laser Eye Surgery Is A Very Quick Procedure

The actual procedure takes no more than 15 minutes per eye, with the laser being utilised for a fraction of this time. Read more about the procedure in our laser eye surgery FAQ’s.


Too Old? You Can Still Have Laser Based Surgery To Correct Your Vision

It is commonly known that laser eye surgery has an age limit for suitable candidates. However, those who are over the recommended age are often suitable candidates for lens replacement treatment. Here, the failing natural lens is replaced with an artificial one that will significantly improve your vision. Another benefit of lens replacement is once done, the patient will not develop cataract in the future. In fact, a lot of patients address cataract with lens replacement to simultaneously reduce their dependency on glasses.


The Risk Of Going Blind From Laser Eye Surgery Is Near Zero

Laser eye treatment is among the safest elective procedures in the world, and there is more risk of going blind through the use of monthly contact lenses than laser eye surgery.


Millions Of Happy Patients Can’t Be Wrong

A lot more people have enjoyed laser eye surgery than you might think. Globally, more than 60 million people have enjoyed better vision and quality of life by undergoing the procedure. In the UK alone, about 120,000 people a year elect to have the surgery done. In fact, at Optegra, over 99% of our patients achieve 20/20 vision (or better). With ReLEx SMILE, that number rises to an unrivalled 100%


People Who Do Their Research, Choose Hospital Based Providers Like Optegra

While researching, you may come over cheaper laser eye surgery clinics. Typically these are small high street (or even shopping mall) based. Some will offer unrealistically low rates for treatment. Most of these prices are inaccurate and almost nobody qualifies. Unsurprisingly, as covered in a recent laser eye surgery review by Which Magazine, hospital based providers like Optegra are deemed best placed to provide safe and comfortable treatment for vision correction patients. It’s why we have been awarded the “UK’s Top Rated Laser Eye Surgery” award in 2018 and 2019 by healthcare comparison site Doctify.


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