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What are the benefits of laser eye surgery?

14 May 2020

There are so many benefits of laser eye surgery – from being able to have treatment from the age of 21, to the opportunity to restore 20/20 vision, to a selection of pain-free treatment options which can be recommended for your individual eyes – even if you have a very strong prescription or astigmatism.

The main benefit is the opportunity to be free of glasses or contact lenses and enjoy fantastic vision every day.

Imagine sports without contacts popping out or glasses falling off.

Imagine cooking without glasses steaming when you open the oven, without reaching for your specs to read the ingredient packages or cookbook recipe.

Imagine watching TV without needing to grab glasses to focus properly on the remote.

Imagine being able to text and read on your phone without having to find your specs first.

Imagine being able to ‘just go out’ without having to find glasses, prescription sunglasses or contact lens solutions

…all of these could become a reality with a popular eye procedure which can transform your vision and your life.

So let’s recap on the benefits.

Laser eye surgery is pain free

According to Optegra consultant eye surgeon, Mr Amir Hamid: “Eye surgery does not hurt at all, you just do not need to worry about pain. The two most commonly performed operations are cataract, which is the same as Lens Replacement, and vision correction – if it was painful, someone would have told you by now!”

Even very high prescriptions can be treated

Technology has progressed so much that even if you have a very strong prescription or additional challenges such as an astigmatism – where the shape of the eye is like a rugby ball rather than a football, which affects focus – it is very likely that you can still be treated.

Mr Hamid explains: “Modern lasers such as used in SMILE, the Zeiss Visumax laser, are very tissue-saving so they can treat much higher prescriptions, much more accurately and safely than previously.  If you are on the borderline, we may also consider Implantable Contact Lens or Lens Replacement surgery – but this is the benefit of Optegra, we offer a whole range of vision correction solutions, not just laser eye surgery.”

You can achieve 20/20 vision, or even better

Mr Hamid’s patient results are outstanding, with 99.8% achieving even better than 20/20 vision.

Your consultation is free

At Optegra, you can have a thorough eye examination and hear the professional, expert opinion of one of our leading consultant eye surgeons – all for free.  This will help you determine if you are suitable for surgery, which procedure is most suited to your eye health and your lifestyle. And all for free – what’s not to love?!

Surgery is fast

Patients are often surprised to discover how quick the treatment is, especially when it makes such a difference to their lives.  Mr Hamid says laser eye surgery usually lasts around 10 minutes to treat both eyes. You may be in theatre a little longer than that for preparation.

Recovery is fast

Many ask how much time they need to book off work – if you work in an office environment, it is likely that you will just need the day of the procedure plus the following day, then you can get back to work.  If you would in a job which is exposed, for example, to dust, you would be advised to take seven days off to allow your eye to fully recover. Your surgeon will discuss this with you.

You can have both eyes treated on the same day

The vast majority of patients now opt to have both eyes treated the same day, to reduce the number of hospital visits and to save time.

To find out which treatment may be best for you, contact us for a free laser eye surgery consultation.


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