Extreme sports fan has life-changing eye surgery

Age has no barriers for Jeffrey Emmett – though his eyes almost became one!  Jeffrey’s passion for motorcycles, shooting, water-skiing and diving, at the age of 70, was under threat due to cataracts in both eyes.  His decision to have an eye procedure, which has removed his cataracts and also freed him from the glasses he has worn for 15 years, means his extreme sports hobbies are here to stay!

Jeff, from Aylesbury, explains:  “My wife and I are both motorcycle enthusiasts and ride together as often as we can.  We have toured all over Europe, me on my KTM 990 Supermoto and Karine on her beloved Ducati Monster Evo. 1100. We also enjoy cruising out together on our two Harley Davidson Wide Glides when we holiday in the States!

“Karine always sets the pace and so it is very important to see which way she has gone and where the next bend is!  My sight was getting so bad I was worried that a time would come soon where I might not even comply with UK driving license requirements, so I knew something had to be done!

“In fact all my other hobbies also depend on having great eye sight and wearing contact lenses is not really a practical option. Whether it is picking up on the targets really early in clay pigeon shooting; being able to see under water when diving, or being able to see where the next buoy is when slalom water skiing – great vision is essential to be able to participate and enjoy these sports.”

Last year Jeff, who is a Chartered Surveyor, noticed blurred vision in his left eye and went to get that checked at local optician where they diagnosed the start of cataracts in both eyes.  Jeff had worn glasses for the past 15 years for close work, but described himself as being terrible with glasses – spending hundreds of pounds on expensive bifocals and breaking or losing them within a week! So he was keen to be free of glasses too.

Jeff’s private health insurance recommended Optegra, as the ‘cataract’ element of the surgery would be covered by his insurance and he would just have to pay for the ‘uplift’ to Clarivu.  He visited consultant Paul Rosen at the company’s London hospital.  As a result of having Clarivu permanent lens replacement, Jeff now has 20:20 vision in both eyes and particularly enjoyed the moment when he threw all his old pairs of glasses in the bin!

Jeff says: “It was such a surprise to me that eyesight can deteriorate so much over the years and you do not realise. It was only after I had the first eye treated, I could make a comparison with the other eye, and was completely blown away by the immediate improvement.

“The difference was huge, it was like having an old, tired television where the colours and brightness had faded, and then replacing that with the latest high-tech HD TV! The surgeon worked out the optical measurements so perfectly, the treatment was completely spot-on and I am delighted!”

ClarivuTM is the Optegra brand name for its individually tailored, consultant-led vision correction (or Refractive Lens Exchange – RLE) package. The package includes all diagnostic eye assessments, an artificial intraocular lens (IOL) specially selected for the lifestyle and visual goals of the patient, the procedure undertaken in an Optegra Eye Hospital and post-operative care. In addition, the Clarivu package includes any further top up laser eye surgery that may be required in order to meet the stated visual goals of the patient.

Paul Rosen, consultant ophthalmic surgeon for Optegra Eye Hospital, London, said: “Jeff was an ideal candidate for Clarivu, as he was dependent on spectacles which were a nuisance for him with his active lifestyle, and he also had early cataracts.  This procedure was a solution to both, as the clouded lens has been removed and replaced with a technically advanced lens, tailored to his individual vision requirements.

“His vision is now excellent and I am delighted for him.”

Jeff is married and has three children. He is the Senior Partner of the Jeffrey Charles Emmett Planning and Development Consultancy in Thame, Oxfordshire.


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