Fingerprint expert has vision restored

Cliff Gulbis, 51, from Hertfordshire, needs clear, sharp vision for his job as a fingerprint expert.

Cliff compares the minutiae of detail within sets of fingerprints to help identify criminals or eliminate people as suspects from crime scenes, and excellent vision is of paramount importance.

Yet battling with impaired vision meant he relied on four pairs of glasses, and had to constantly switch between pairs, which he greatly disliked.

Cliff started to wear glasses when he was just 10 years old and, as soon as he was able to, switched to contact lenses. As a keen sportsman, who regularly cycles as well as playing hockey and golf, the lenses were preferable to glasses.

His vision is so imperative he has to have an annual eye test as part of his job. It was at one of these tests that the optician identified the early onset of cataracts. Coupled with his astigmatism, continued use of contact lenses meant there was not enough oxygen reaching his eye and he was advised that he should no longer wear contact lenses. So the glasses had to come back!

Cliff required four pairs of glasses – one for distance, one for close up work, a pair of varifocals and prescription sunglasses. Any small changes in his prescription would result in a very expensive bill changing all these spectacles! When he saw a TV advert for ClarivuTM, Optegra’s refractive lens exchange package, he picked up the phone and made an appointment.

Cliff says, “I am not normally someone who reacts spontaneously to advertising but I really disliked wearing glasses, my eyes were not suitable for laser correction and so it was a case of right place, right time. I made an appointment that day and was soon having my consultation for Clarivu permanent lens replacement.”

Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon, Mr Subramaniam, from Optegra Eye Hospital, London, carefully managed Cliff’s expectations and did not guarantee that he would be glasses free. However, just hours after having his right eye treated Cliff could see perfectly. Three weeks later, he had the left eye done and Cliff was also delighted with the outcome.

Mr Subramaniam explains: “We very much tailor our Clarivu treatment to our patients’ needs, and of course, with Mr Gulbis’ career, we were hoping to achieve improvement in all distances of his vision. We carefully select the lenses to achieve the best vision outcome and are so pleased that Mr Gulbis is delighted with the outcomes.”

Cliff said: “Although there was no guarantee of perfect vision I felt this was my only chance of having better eyesight so I developed a positive attitude – any improvement would be a bonus!

“I now only need to wear glasses for very detailed, close work or for reading a book for any length of time. So I only have one pair of glasses which has a prescription lens in the left side and anti-glare coating on both lenses for night driving.

“I am glasses-free for sport, driving and daily life which, to me, is amazing. I can even see into which bush I have hit my golf ball!

“All the staff at Optegra have been amazing – from the first phone call I was made to feel comfortable and supported. They rang to check up on me before and after appointments and I felt that I could speak to them about any issues or problems that might arise. It was a very smooth process and I can honestly say that my vision is remarkable. I would advise anyone else who is thinking about having this done to be positive and go for it.”

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