How Safe is Laser Eye Treatment? The Short List of Laser Eye Treatment Risks

Are you considering laser eye surgery and worried about the risks?

Undoubtedly the prospect of having laser eye surgery can be scary. We’re all naturally protective of our eyes, so the thought of having a medical procedure performed on them can be daunting. But when you consider the life-changing benefits of having laser eye treatment, the minimal risks – which are in line with any other medical procedure – are outweighed exponentially by the new lease of life you’ll enjoy after having your vision corrected.

We understand, however, that forthcoming surgery on any part of your body can make you feel anxious. And when you’re not equipped with all the facts or fully informed about the potential risks, our brains can get carried away running through all the worst-case scenarios.

Stop right there.

This article is designed to put your mind at rest – once and for all, so you can confidently proceed with your laser eye surgery, relaxed, and knowing exactly what to expect; We’re going to tell you all about the potential risks, but we’re also going to reassure you that laser eye treatment is a quick and straight forward treatment that carries only a 4% risk of complications – the majority of which are minor problems that will resolve in time when you’re body completes the healing process.
Everything you need to know about laser eye treatment risks
Safety first; before we talk about the minimal risks associated with laser eye surgery, we’d just like to demonstrate how safe a procedure it really is - with some facts and figures:
  1. Laser eye treatment is not new; ophthalmic surgeons have been performing laser eye surgery – on patients around the world for over 33 years. And there have been huge advancements in treatments and technology during that time
  2. More than 35 million laser eye treatments have been performed – worldwide, since 1983

  3. And there has not been once single case of permanent blindness reported as a result of laser eye treatment
  4. Laser eye treatment carries a 4 in 100 risk of complications. And the majority of those risks are extremely minor – most resolve on their own, in time, or can be easily corrected with further treatment to get the best possible results
Hopefully we’ve put your mind at ease with those facts. But nothing in life is ever risk-free – especially when it comes to surgery, so there are some risks you need to be aware of to help you to make an informed decision about having laser eye treatment:

Night Vision Problems
During the early stages of the healing process - following your laser eye treatment - it is normal to experience problems with light sensitivity – particularly after dark. In rare cases, this can persist for longer than expected. But your consultant will discuss your individual risk of night vision problems with you during your initial consultation.

Dry Eyes
Traditional laser eye treatment procedures used to carry a greater risk of persistent dry eyes, but new and improved treatment technology has reduced that risk greatly. You will experience some dryness following your treatment as your eyes heal, but the likelihood of problems continuing after 6 months is now extremely low.

All surgery comes with a risk of infection, but the risk of serious infection with laser eye treatment is incredibly low. There is only a 1 in 10,000 risk of infection following laser eye surgery. You are more likely to experience an infection from wearing contact lenses or from a minor cut on your finger. But if, after your laser eye treatment, you show any signs of infection – you should contact your clinic as soon as possible, so it can be dealt with quickly and effectively.

Flap Complications
LASIK laser eye surgery involves the creation of a corneal flap using a precision laser. This procedure presents an element of risk from complications (1 in 2750), but far less than traditional blade laser. And resolution treatment is much faster and more effective – on the rare occasion the complications do arise.  
Your safety is our business: How to minimise laser eye treatment risks
Your safety is of our paramount importance to us. Our business is built on a long succession of happy customers who have experienced complication-free laser eye treatment.

In 8 years of business, we’ve treated over one million eyes! And we wouldn’t be the UK’s no.1 most trusted eye specialist if patient safety and customer satisfaction wasn’t at the forefront of our business.

Our 70 highly skilled ophthalmic surgeons are all members of the Royal College of Ophthalmic Surgeons and our 30 state of the art eye clinics and eye hospitals all adhere to the strict guidelines for laser eye treatment set out by NICE (The National Institute of Clinical Excellence) – to give you extra peace of mind. 

If you’d like to find out more about the safety of laser eye surgery or any aspect of your planned treatment, you can call us direct on FREEPHONE 0808 168 8438.

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