Why you should come along to an Optegra open evening

Thinking about having laser eye surgery or lens replacement, but not sure if it’s the right option for you? Come to an Optegra open evening and we’ll be able to answer any questions about laser eye surgery that you may have, and show you around our world-class facilities.

Open evenings are hosted regularly in our eye hospitals right across the UK, and they are an informal environment for you to find out more about our treatment options. There’s no pressure to book a consultation, and interested friends and family are welcome to come along too.



What happens at an Optegra open evening?

Optegra open evenings are designed to answer your questions about laser eye surgery or lens replacement, and help you to decide whether going ahead with treatment is the best option for you. You’ll find out more about our vision correction treatments, meet some of our expert ophthalmic surgeons, and have the opportunity to speak to other people with similar queries to yourself. There’s no requirement to commit to a consultation, so don’t worry if you’re not sure yet whether laser eye surgery is right for you.

At the start of the open evening, there will be a welcome reception with complimentary refreshments, followed by a talk from one of our experienced ophthalmic surgeons. Our surgeons are highly trained specialists, with many years’ experience of performing vision correction procedures. After this talk, there will be a question and answer session, and then a tour of the Optegra hospital. You can ask questions at any time, and can book a free consultation at the end of your open evening if you’d like to do so.


Why come to an open evening?

There are many reasons to attend an Optegra open evening, particularly if you have questions about laser eye surgery or lens replacement. Speaking to a specialist surgeon about your queries will be far more satisfying than simply asking Google, and you’ll get answers that you can really trust. You’ll also be able to visit one of our eye hospitals and take a look at our facilities, which can provide a great deal of peace of mind if you choose to come for treatment. We have specialist eye hospitals in London, Hampshire, Surrey, Birmingham, Manchester and Yorkshire, so the chances are you won’t need to travel far to attend an open evening.

Our open evenings are designed to be friendly, informal spaces where you can feel comfortable asking questions about laser eye surgery. Perhaps you’ve read a lot about the different types of laser eye surgery, but are still not sure what the differences are, or perhaps you’re worried about the cost of laser eye surgery. Maybe you have a fear of surgery and are looking for reassurance on the risks of having treatment. Whatever questions or worries you might have, our open evenings are the perfect place to ask about them.


When do open evenings take place?

We try to host open evenings as often possible, to make sure that everyone has an opportunity to attend. Each of our eye hospitals tends to host open evenings a few times each month, so there should be one happening soon near you! Each one lasts around an hour and a half, to give you enough time to find out everything you need to know and take a tour of our facilities. We want you to feel confident in your decision making, and we think that the best way to do this is for you to meet our team and see our state-of-the-art hospitals for yourself. 


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