Peter casts away his poor vision

Peter Leitch has always enjoyed an active lifestyle, with a keen interest in outdoor pursuits such as angling, rambling and shooting.
Unfortunately a gradual deterioration in his eyesight meant that the hobbies he loved, plus others that he was just starting to enjoy, were under threat.
Peter, 57, from Bathgate in West Lothian, started to wear glasses at the age of 40. As the manager of a manufacturing company, his life revolved around meetings and presentations. With reading glasses perched on his nose, he was constantly pushing them on to read and pulling them off to talk. By his own admission, he hated them!
Contact lenses were not an option for him as he was so squeamish about his eyes and couldn’t even put eye drops in, let alone a lens.
His latest job, as a Project Manager at a water treatment company, entails a lot of work out in the field and 90 per cent of his time is spent driving.
Peter says: “I looked into having laser eye surgery but was told that it wouldn’t help me. I longed for a solution as my eyes deteriorated further. I had six pairs of glasses and kept losing them! I would put them down whilst gardening and end up digging them into the ground. Fishing became a problem too because I couldn’t tie the hook on and I stopped tying my own flies. I couldn’t see anything close up and life was becoming very restricting.”
This was all about to change with a chance sighting of an Optegra advert in the paper. Peter continues: “I showed it to my wife and she said ‘that’s you!’ However, I still geared myself up for disappointment as it all seemed too good to be true.”
Peter travelled to Bradford where he met his Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon, Mr Oliver Backhouse, at Optegra Eye Hospital Yorkshire. Still convinced that he was going to be told ‘no’, he was delighted to find out that he was in fact an ideal candidate for Clarivu lens replacement surgery and that he could have the procedure the following week!
Mr Backhouse, also a keen fisherman, was able to adapt the profile for Peter’s right eye to make it more dominant, therefore helping with his hobbies.
He says: “Peter’s vision was beginning to affect his driving and it wouldn’t have been long before he would be unable to drive at all. Given his job, this would have been a disaster. During our consultation, I asked about his lifestyle and discovered that he loved fishing and shooting, and also wanted to take up diving.
“Many patients initially look into laser – but people over the age of 45 years should really consider refractive lens exchange as this can resolve both distance and near vision, while laser can only improve distance.  In addition, lens replacement is a permanent solution, while laser will only last a certain amount of time as vision changes due to the lens growth.
“And with so many people going on to develop cataracts, the other great advantage is that lens replacement means you will never have a cataract in the future, as the natural lens is removed.
“Peter loved the fact that we could treat one eye followed by the other a week later and I was able to adjust the lens accordingly to take his hobbies into account and the result is near perfect vision without any need for glasses.”
After the procedure, Peter could barely contain his delight at having such clear vision. He says: “Before, it was like looking through a pair of binoculars which are not quite in focus, then adjusting them slightly and everything becoming crystal clear! Colours are so vivid, I have become fascinated with people’s faces and notice things that I haven’t seen before. My wife has joked that she’ll need to get a face lift now!”
Lens replacement is a sophisticated development of cataract surgery, the world’s most frequently performed surgical procedure, where the natural lens of the eye is permanently replaced with an artificial intraocular lens (IOL). This replacement lens could provide the benefit of being able to focus on near, intermediate and far objects, as previously provided by glasses or contact lenses. It can even correct astigmatism.
Peter is now looking forward to many years of excellent vision. He is even more active and back to all his favourite hobbies. He says:
“During our last holiday, I tried diving but couldn’t see the dials. This time I am going to try again. Knowing that I will be able to see is so exciting! Having lens replacement has been an amazing experience, I wish I could have done it sooner.”

If you're interested to find out whether you could have clear vision like Peter, why not book a free, no obligation consultation with a consultant surgeon? 

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