The gift of new eye sight

Natalie Kettell, 30, from Fleet in Hampshire, is a mum to two young children and a keen swimmer, who had a special gift for her landmark birthday to take away the hassle of switching between glasses and contact lenses.

Having needed to wear glasses since she was 18, Natalie was used to the daily routine of putting in her contact lenses or wearing glasses. But as a hay fever sufferer, she found it increasingly difficult to wear contact lenses in the summer months. Swimming was also a challenge as her contact lenses were constantly coming out in the water even when wearing goggles.

The final trigger for Natalie was the arrival of her children. Trying to find her glasses in the middle of the night when her child woke, coupled with the glasses being pulled off her face prompted her to research options for laser eye surgery.

Natalie booked herself into Optegra Surrey Eye Hospital as a 30th birthday present from her husband.

Natalie says: “My decision to go ahead with the surgery was mostly based on convenience and not vanity. We had booked a family holiday and I really wanted to fully enjoy jumping in and out of the pool, or reading a book, without having to reach for my glasses or worry about my contact lenses floating away.

“I feel that having the surgery whilst I’m still young means I get to enjoy the benefits of perfect vision for far longer!”

Understandably, Natalie was nervous on the day of the surgery, but also incredibly excited about the outcome. Following surgery with consultant surgeon, Mr Mike Jeffrey, Natalie says:

“The staff at Optegra could not have been more helpful and reassuring and I am really thrilled with the results. Unlike other companies who I had approached, I found Optegra to be utterly professional and I felt under no pressure after I initially made contact to subsequently have the treatment – they understand that this is a very personal decision and are there to help when needed.

“My vision is so sharp now, much clearer than when I was wearing glasses. This was the best birthday present ever!”

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