Rugby in your sights

Many people will be eagerly watching the Rugby World Cup opening match tonight (18 September), but did you know that there is more than one way to have rugby in your sights?

A common eye condition called astigmatism means that the cornea and/or the lens of your eye is not the regular round shape, but are instead oval – often described as being like a rugby ball.

This irregular shape means that light rays are focused at two different points, either in front of or behind the retina, leading to blurred vision. Astigmatism usually occurs with either myopia or hyperopia (short-sightedness or long-sightedness), though it can occur on its own.

So what causes astigmatism? It generally develops from birth through to adulthood as your eye grows, and it commonly runs in families suggesting that genes are likely to be a factor.

Astigmatism can be treated with glasses or contact lenses to correct any blurred vision, but for people who don’t want to rely on these can consider laser eye surgery or lens replacement. Every patient is different, so we offer free and detailed consultations with our experts to determine suitability, answer any questions and explain the vision correction options.

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