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At Optegra, we are committed and dedicated to providing our customers with the most advanced and proven eye health treatments. We understand how important eye health is to every individual which is why we offer a vast range of eye health treatments so you can find the best treatment for you. We offer a range of vision correction treatments which include laser eye surgery and lens replacement surgery, as well as a range of medical treatments for AMD and glaucoma treatments, for example. 

Eye health treatments provide our patients with a new quality of life, which is why our ophthalmic surgeons are the best in the industry. Our world-class surgeons use their experience, with the latest ground breaking technology, to deliver accurate and safe treatments for all our clients. 

If you have any questions, get in touch. Our dedicated eye health consultants are happy to discuss the most appropriate treatments for your eye health needs at your free consultation.  

Vision Correction Treatments

There are two types of vision correction treatments available at Optegra; laser eye surgery and lens replacement surgery.  Laser eye surgery is a surgical procedure used to correct certain eye conditions such as astigmatism, long-sightedness and short-sightedness. Lens replacement surgery is an advanced development of cataract surgery, and is recommended to patients who require a permanent lens replacement. 

Laser Eye Surgery Treatments

We understand that every one of our patients’ eye health needs are different, which is why we offer three leading laser eye surgery treatments.
  • LASIK – LASIK is the most popular type of laser eye surgery. A laser creates a flap which is gently lifted from the eye so the cornea can be reshaped.
  • LASEK – LASEK is a variation of the first generation of laser eye surgery (PRK). This procedure is used to treat patients with short-sightedness (myopia), long-sightedness (hyperopia) and astigmatism.
  • ReLEx SMILE – ReLEx SMILE is the most advanced and minimally invasive laser eye surgery treatment. It is a bladeless form of laser eye surgery which is why no flap is required. This innovative treatment makes SMILE the least invasive form of laser eye surgery. 

At Optegra, we are open about the price of our laser eye surgery treatments. Our prices are clear and fixed so you can decide on the right treatment for you without there being any unexpected costings.

What is the cost of Laser Eye Surgery?

Lens Replacement Treatment

At Optegra, we offer three types of lens replacement surgery, including Refractive Lens Exchange, also known as Clarivu, corneal graft and cataract surgery. Lens replacement surgery is suited for patients who are suffering with eye conditions such as cataract, or for patients who do not qualify for laser eye surgery.

If you’re unsure on which vision correction treatment is best for you, please get in touch with one of our dedicated eye health consultants on 0808 301 5040.

  • Clarivu – Also known as Refractive Lens Surgery, is a procedure that replaces the eyes natural lens with an artificial lens (IOL).
  • Corneal Graft – By replacing corneal tissue, corneal graft is a surgical procedure which replaces a damaged or diseased cornea with a new cornea.   
  • Cataract Surgery – Cataract surgery is the most common eye health surgery performed in the UK. This procedure removes the natural lens of the eye to remove any cataracts which causes blurry and cloudy vision. 
What is the cost of Lens Replacement Surgery?


Medical Treatments

At Optegra, we also offer a wide range of medical eye treatments which patients may be suited for if they have AMD, glaucoma or floaters. If you are unsure which treatment is best suited to your eye health needs, book a consultation, or get in touch with one of our dedicated eye health consultants on 0808 301 5040. 

Vitrectomy Treatments

Vitrectomy is the treatment used to cure patients who are affected by diabetes related eye conditions, or eye floaters. The surgical procedure removes vitreous gel from the middle of the eye to restore accurate vision. We offer 3 additional vitrectomy treatments including Vitrectomy pars plana with internal tamponade, and scleral buckling and retinopexy YAG laser photodisruption of posterior capsule of lens (including laser capsulotomy).

Glaucoma Treatments

We offer multiple treatment options to treat patients with glaucoma. These include Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty, Micropulsed Diode Laser Trabeculoplasty, iStent, Trabeculectomy, as well as a monitoring service to identify and capture any potential problems related to glaucoma.                                           

AMD Treatments

There is currently no cure for dry AMD, however we offer two treatments for wet AMD. Anti-VEGF injections are used to help slow down the loss of vision. Alternative treatments such as IMT, IOL-VIP and eyelid surgery are also available.

Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery

Cosmetic eye lid surgery, also known as blepharoplasty, is a surgical procedure which remove any loose or excess skin around the eyelids. 


Optegra provide a true A-Z of eye health solutions including Pentacam, Biometry (IOL Master), Humphrey Visual Field Analyser, Heidelberg Retinal Tomography (HRT), Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) and Specular Microscopy. Call us if you have other questions regarding your eye health.

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