Anti-VEGF injections

Anti-VEGF injections are a treatment for Wet AMD.

What do anti-VEGF injections involve?

Step 1: Your in-depth consultation

Following a detailed assessment, your Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon will discuss the best course of treatment for you. We offer a variety of anti-VEGF injections: Lucentis, Iluvien, Eylea, Triamcinolone, Ozurdex and Avastin.

The same consultant will carry out your procedure and your checks at follow-up appointments.

Step 2: During the anti-VEGF treatment

The anti-VEGF injection is performed quickly and with as little discomfort as possible. You will be made comfortable on a couch, lying back with your head on a pillow. Anaesthetic drops are applied to the surface of the eye and in some cases a tiny anaesthetic injection may be given. The eye is cleaned with an iodine solution and the anaesthetic is given plenty of time to take effect.

The anti-VEGF agent is then injected. Some patients say they feel a little pressure on the eye.

Step 3: Rest and recovery

Afterwards, you will be taken to our recovery area to rest before returning home and given details of any eye drops required.

Step 4: Your aftercare

Following your anti-VEGF treatment, your consultant will see you for a follow-up consultation to check on your progress, assess the results and answer any questions you may have. You will be provided with an emergency contact number so that if you do experience any unexpected symptoms, you can contact us.

Am I suitable for anti-VEGF treatments?

Anti-VEGF injections are a treatment for wet age-related macular degeneration (Wet AMD) and are often seen as the first line of defence against the condition. They reduce new blood vessel growth (which in turn reduces swelling) and are injected directly into the eye. By doing so, they can reduce the risk of scarring to the retina, and can prevent further sight loss. The procedure is quick with only a little discomfort.

You should be eligible for anti-VEGF injections if:

  • You have early-stage wet AMD
  • You suffer from diabetic maculopathy
  • You suffer from macular oedema caused by retinal vein occlusion

At Optegra, we understand that every patient has different eye health needs. During your consultation, our specialist eye health consultants will establish if you are eligible for anti-VEGF injections, and provide you with treatment options that are best suited to your individual circumstances.

The cost of anti-VEGF injections at Optegra

Anti-VEGF injections are a common treatment for Wet Aged-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD). At Optegra, we know that every patient is different, which is why we offer a range of injections to suit each individual circumstance.

With the customer experience at the heart of everything we do, we always ensure that our pricing plans are simple to understand, so you’re not met with any unexpected costs.

Avastin treatment: £800
Triamcinolone treatment: £350
Lucentis treatment: £1,775
Eylea treatment: £1775
Ozurdex treatment: £1,775
Iluvien treatment: £7,795

Not sure which anti-VEGF injections are best for you? Don’t worry. All of our patients meet with a highly-experienced surgeon who will tell them what treatment will be right for their individual case.

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Anti-VEGF injection customer reviews

At Optegra, we’re proud to be renowned for our customer service. We treat each patient as an individual case, and always ensure that their journey with us is tailored to their very own needs.

We do this by making sure that you meet with a highly-trained ophthalmic surgeon specialising in wet AMD to discuss the best course of treatment. It will be the same consultant that will carry out your procedure and checks at follow-up appointments, so you have a single point of contact throughout your time with us.

After deciding which type of anti-VEGF injection is suitable for you, they will talk you through the procedure, helping to give you peace of mind. After the surgery, you will be taken to our recovery area, before being discharged with an emergency contact number should you experience any unexpected symptoms.

With years of experience, access to cutting-edge technology and the finest ophthalmic surgeons in the country, we know we’re great at what we do. But don’t just take our word for it; read our patient’s reviews below.


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