What is the difference between LASIK, LASEK and SMILE?

The three main types of laser eye surgery are LASIK, LASEK and ReLEx SMILE.
LASIK is the most popular type of laser eye surgery. A laser creates a flap which is gently lifted so the cornea can be reshaped. This treatment has a rapid visual recovery time for some patients.
LASEK is best suited for patients with less serious eye focusing problems, specifically patients with thin corneas or dry eyes who may not qualify to have LASIK. Instead of creating a flap, the fine surface of the cornea is loosened and folded back, then the cornea is reshaped.
ReLEx SMILE stands for Small Incision Lenticule Extraction, and is the least invasive treatment compared to LASIK and LASEK. There is no need to create a flap; instead the cornea is reshaped through a keyhole procedure which means some patients usually benefit from a short recovery period.

What are the differences between LASEK, LASIK, and SMILE laser eye surgeries?

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