What is a Trabeculectomy?

Trabeculectomy is a treatment for glaucoma.

What does trabeculectomy involve?

Trabeculectomy is a surgical technique in which a flap of tissue, (scleral flap), is made and a new route for drainage of intra-ocular fluid is created. This is usually successful at lowering eye pressure but the recovery period for the eye is longer compared to micro-invasive procedures

Step 1: Your in-depth consultation

Following a detailed assessment, your Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon will discuss the potential options and advise on the recommended course of glaucoma treatment for you. The consultant will be the same person who carries out your procedure and your checks at follow-up appointments.

Step 2: The trabeculectomy procedure

During trabeculectomy surgery a flap of tissue, (scleral flap), is made to create a new route for drainage of intra-ocular fluid. This should then lower the eye pressure.

Step 3: Rest and recovery

After your trabeculectomy surgery, you will be given details of any eye drops required before returning home. Your consultant may also provide you with some eye drops to use temporarily following treatment. The recovery period for the eye is usually longer for trabeculectomy surgery compared to micro-invasive procedures.

Step 4: Your aftercare

Your consultant will see you for a follow-up appointment to check on your progress, assess the results of your trabeculectomy surgery and answer any questions you may have. You will be provided with an emergency contact number so that if you do experience any unexpected symptoms, you can easily contact us.

Am I suitable for Trabeculectomy?

Trabeculectomy is one of the several treatments for glaucoma that we offer here at Optegra. By making a small hole in the eye wall (sclera), a trabeculectomy helps to lower the intraocular pressure inside of the eye. Unlike some of the other procedures we conduct for glaucoma, this a surgical procedure and therefore has a slightly longer recovery time.

During your initial consultation, one of our dedicated eye health specialists will determine if you are suitable for trabeculectomy by following these general guidelines:

  • You have open-angle glaucoma or chronic closed-angle glaucoma
  • Your medication or eye drops are failing to control to your glaucoma
  • You have already tried laser treatment to little or no effect
  • You understand that the recovery period is longer than that of micro-invasive procedures

However, the above points only serve as a general guideline. We understand that every patient is different, which is why it is one of our highly-trained ophthalmic consultants who will make the final decision on your suitability. We offer several treatments for glaucoma, so we may find that there is another procedure more suited to your eye health needs.

Book a no-obligation appointment with us today to discuss your options with one of our specialists. Or attend one of our open days and ask our consultants any general questions you may have regarding your journey with Optegra.

The cost of Trabeculectomy at Optegra

Optegra always strives to provide our patients with simple, easy-to-understand pricing plans, so they are not hit with unexpected extras or hidden costs at the end of their treatment. We usually offer a fixed, no-nonsense price that covers your entire journey with us – from the consultation right through to the final aftercare appointment. To find out the price of your trabeculectomy surgery treatment, book a private consultation with a member of our eye health team.

We also believe that quality eye care should be a viable option for everyone, which is why we offer a choice of payment and finance options for every budget.

Book a private consultation with one of our eye health specialists to discuss your options. Or attend one of our open days across the country to get general advice on this procedure, our world-class surgeons will be happy to answer any questions you may have, as well as any questions regarding treatments for glaucoma.


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