Clarivu permanent lens replacement

What is Clarivu?

  • The alternative to laser eye surgery

Is Clarivu for me?

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How much will it cost?

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Clarivu is the Optegra brand name for its individually tailored, consultant-led vision correction (or Refractive Lens Exchange – RLE) package. RLE is a proven and permanent lens replacement procedure that could eliminate or reduce your dependence on glasses and prevent or remove cataracts. Find out more about our Clarivu package with our infographic.

The Clarivu package means the patient pays one single price for the procedure, aftercare and lenses – no matter what the patient’s prescription. The package includes:

  • All diagnostic eye assessments
  • An artificial intraocular lens (IOL) specially selected for the lifestyle and visual goals of the patient
  • The procedure undertaken in an Optegra eye hospital and post-operative care
  • Any further top up laser surgery that may be required in order to meet the stated visual goals of the patient

You can find out about the Clarivu (RLE) treatment from start to finish here.

Clarivu™ evenings with Ruth Langsford

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