Eyelid surgery

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Eyelid surgery

Welcome to Optegra’s eyelid conditions section.

Here at Optegra we offer a range of specialist eyelid treatments for both medical and cosmetic. Our Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeons are some of the most renowned in their field, specialising in the treatment of eyelid conditions such as; Ptosis, Ectropian and Entropian, eyelid tumours as well as offering self-elective cosmetic procedures. Your consultation and surgery will all take place with the same Consultant Ophthalmic Suregon in one of our specialist Optegra eye hospitals, equipped with the latest technology.

The eyelid is designed to protect your eye and your vision, which is why we recognise the importance of ensuring you receive the desired outcome whether it be to help your vision or to improve your confidence.

Eyelid conditions are very common and most can be readily treated however some may require further treatment or surgery.

Our specialist eyelid surgeons

Miss Julia Sen – Optegra Birmingham Eye Hospital
Miss Vickie Lee – Optegra Eye Hospital, London
Mr Dan Nolan – Optegra Manchester Eye Hospital
Mr Paul Cannon – Optegra Manchester Eye Hospital
Mr Simon Rogers – Optegra Solent Eye Hospital
Mr Peter Hodgkins – Optegra Solent Eye Hospital
Mr Tom Kersey – Optegra Surrey Eye Hospital
Mr Andy Chung – Optegra Yorkshire Eye Hospital
Mr Bernie Chang – Optegra Yorkshire Eye Hospital
Mr Peter Atkinson – Optegra Yorkshire Eye Hospital

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