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How much will Clarivu permanent lens replacement cost?

Meeting your consultant beforehand
At Optegra, you will meet your dedicated consultant ophthalmic surgeon and their medical team at your initial consultation. They will be with you throughout your journey, right through to your post-operative follow-up, to help provide support, reassurance and consistency of care.

A treatment plan tailored to you
We are not tied to one particular lens manufacturer which means we offer a range of customised lenses and can offer the ideal treatment designed to suit your lifestyle and personal visual needs.

Having your procedure at a dedicated eye hospital
With Clarivu, your consultation, procedure and follow up appointments will take place at one of our specialist Optegra eye hospitals. Each of our hospitals is dedicated to ophthalmic procedures performed by expert eye surgeons.

The reassurance that your eyes have been comprehensively assessed
At Optegra, our expert medical team will undertake a thorough eye examination using a wide range of diagnostic equipment for your consultant to use to determine your suitability for Clarivu.

Using proven, advanced technology
We have invested in the latest femtosecond laser technology at all our Optegra eye hospitals, offering proven and precise treatment tailored to your eyes. We are the first national eye care group to offer this state-of-the-art technology across all of our UK hospitals.

A comprehensive aftercare programme tailored to you
At Optegra, we know your eyes are precious and the decision to have eye surgery is not taken lightly. Your consultant ophthalmic surgeon will provide a comprehensive aftercare programme which will include any additional treatments linked to your Clarivu procedure, any required take home medication and a dedicated out-of-hours helpline number to call.

Your local hospital price can be found using the links below:
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Make your own informed decision

Clarivu has changed the lives of so many people – but don’t just take our word for it! Watch patient movies or read their stories for yourself.

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